Monday, January 2

The Beginning of a New Year

Happy 2012 everyone. Mine is off to a good start so far and the end of 2011 was good too. I enjoyed the week that I got to spend with my family for Christmas in CO. We had snow for Christmas and it was nice to hang out and talk to them again. That's my favorite pastime in the whole world, to just sit down with someone and have a good conversation. So it was wonderful to catch up. That, and we played tons of games (Dr. Mario on the NES goes really well with a glass of Merlot), made Christmas cookies (all diet rules went out the window), I got to help decoration the tree with peppermint candy canes (again, I couldn't resist), and we did a little shopping together as well. Even though I didn't purchase anything, I still enjoyed going and being a human clothing rack for my sisters. It's a girl thing I'm sure.

                       Our Family Tree at Carla's House        Asti for Two in Tiffany & Co. Crystal

New Year's Eve was beautiful as well. As much as I love traveling, it's always nice to return home and take it easy for a few days. I enjoyed not doing a damn thing between my return home and New Year's Eve. This time of year always fascinates me because I find that it's a time to get all philosophical and reflect upon the time past and the future to come. Sipping Italian sparkling wine by the warm fireside and just watching the flames dance is a great way to bring in the new year. It was also fun to pull out the resolution list from 2011 and see what things I actually achieved, and it wasn't too bad. Most things I accomplished or made some progress with, which was nice to see. Specifically the first resolution about artwork; I remember writing that about the painting I'm working on now. It's crazy that it took me almost a year to start it, because I was so apprehensive about the hours that I would have to put into it. As for new resolutions, I will just stick with the ones I had for 2011, because they still apply.

Also, sleeping in for the first time in a long while was nice on New Year's Day. Ah, the little things in life! No alarm clock can be a good thing in moderation. The only issue was that I slept 10.5 hours and I know that's no good.Oh well. It felt good none the less. That, and I went to see Mission Impossible on New Year's Day. It was good fun and I recommend it if you like action films.

So it's back to work for me; but I'll return soon. I promise.
Happy 2012!