Monday, August 29

Dr. Andrew Weil's Healthy Aging

Yesterday I watched this documentary, Dr. Andrew Weil's Healthy Aging, and I wanted to pass it along to all of you as well because it brought up some good points about health and aging. I for one try to embrace aging as much as I can, it's something natural and beautiful, but sometimes in our youth-obsessed culture it can be overwhelming. Why does it have to be this way? Why do we feel like we have to be young forever? Will people stop loving us? Perhaps the answers to those questions may vary depending on where you're from. Some cultures discard the elderly and others embrace them. I found the bit about the siblings from Okinawa, Japan bickering over who got to care for the elderly parents to be refreshingly humorous. Now that's something that you won't hear about in America very often! 

Also, many people fear aging because it's associated with getting sick or living with disease, but this is not necessarily true. It doesn't have to be like that if one chooses a healthy lifestyle. It's perfectly normal to live a fulfilling long life without disease, only to decline within a year before death. Dr. Weil's talks about this happening to his 93 year mother, and the same thing happened to my mother's mother. My Grandma never got sick, and only started to get ill after Grandpa passed away. It only took a few months for her to pass as well. So overall they lived normal, happy lives.

I agree with Dr. Weil about aging being compared to a fine wine or cheese; it can be viewed as something that gets better over time because there are many positive aspects to it. My favorite Gandhi quote is: "Be the change you want to see in the world." If we embrace who we are as we get older, not dreading every change that happens, then perhaps we wouldn't have these social issues. Aging would be okay. I know I'll be an awesome old lady! Rockin' my wrinkles and enjoying life.

Happy movie watching!

Thursday, August 25

How to Make: A Custom Paper Texture

Learn how to create a paper texture for digital and traditional uses. I recommend
starting early in the morning because the process will take 24hrs to complete.

How to Make: A Custom Paper Texture
Level: Beginner

For more information, please read the YouTube info box.

Content, editing, and compositing by Claudia Sutton.
Music composed by Alvin Muolic.


Please let me know what you think and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

♡ Claudia

Tuesday, August 23

Kira's Boboblin

Isn't he cute! But be warned, he bites.

Original work: Tom & Kira

Sunday, August 21

"Get Your Freak On" 15 Weird Facts TAG!

An amusing tag from Blair.


#1. What's a nickname only your family calls you?
They call me Claudia. Nothing really stuck, but when I was little Carla, my sister, called me Cluck-Cluck. My mom told her to stop that though, because she thought that it made me sound retarded. Mom didn't want other people to freak out. Truthfully, the name stemmed from the fact that I liked those Easter Chicky Peeps so much.

#2. What's a weird habit of yours?
I always fantasize about impossible things. Like I wish I could magically heal a blemish, make garbage disappear of the face of the earth, or make my student loan go away. POOF!

#3. Do you have any weird phobias?
Yes! Horizontal claustrophobia (I'm cool with small vertical spaces). When I was little I saw a TV show on cave exploration, and watched some people squeeze through tight holes barely the size of their torsos. It freaked me out and I haven't been the same since. So I can't sleep in bunk-beds that are close to the ceiling. I tried it once when we went camping in our family RV, and I woke during the middle of the night screaming and crying because I didn't know where I was. My family got the point.

#4. What's a song you secretly love to blast and belt out when you're alone?
 Recently Lady Gaga - Judas. I can't help it, I just have to sing!

#5. What's one of your biggest pet peeves?
People that drive too fast and aggressively on the highway. They stress me out.

#6. What's one of your nervous habits?
When I get nervous I tend to make up new words, mispronounce words, or have bad sentence structure. I'm getting better though. People probably think it's cute or silly, but I think it's awfully embarrassing because I like being articulate.

#7. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
 The right side.

#8. What was your first stuffed animal and it's name?
Odie. My father gave him to me in the hospital when I was born. He looks like this --- > Oh the cuteness!

#9. What's the drink you always order at Starbucks?
Nothing, I don't go. I answered this one already.

#10. What's a beauty rule you preach, but never actually practice?
Buying products with bad ingredients in them. Sometimes the product's functionality trumps health. Tsk Tsk. I do it for the art I swear!

#11. Which way do you face in the shower?
Towards the shower head mostly. I turn around too.

#12. Do you have any 'weird' body 'skills'?
I'm very flexible. Not Cirque du Soleil flexible, but I'm decent. It's good to be in shape.

#13. What's your favorite comfort food that's 'bad' but you love to eat it anyway?
Well, mine's a drink: I love a good wine! I know it stains your teeth, it's bad for the skin, dehydrates the body, and the small health benefits are not worth it.

#14. What's a phrase or exclamation you always say?
"Hurray, Yay! Hurray, Yay!"

#15. Time to sleep, what are you actually wearing?
Warm pants, sometimes socks, an undershirt, and a hoodie. I get cold very easily.

Bonus Question
#16. What did you used to wear that you thought was cool but now you realize it wasn't that hot?
XL sports t-shirts that I would wear down to my knees. I though I was so cool, but I looked like a little boy. Kinda like the middle school drawing here.

Tell me you're just as weird as I am?

Thursday, August 18

Woot! RHCP - The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Video

Hurray! The first video's out finally and I love it. 

Watch the video here:

It's so California, and that's one thing I always liked about them is that they have this very SoCal vibe (Anthony looks like a hipster with that mustache and hat. Heehee. I don't know why I find that amusing). Also, I love how they incorporated the fans into the video. That's cool. It has a very "web video" feel to it, which is appropriate for the times, and reminiscent of their Snow music video as well.

Again, I can't wait for the album to be released later this month. I'm going to play the crap out of it!
☠ Claudia

Monday, August 15

Never Work for Free

 "Education is the ability to meet life's situations." - Fortune Cookie

As an artist, being asked to work for free is something that I deal with all the time. Which is very frustrating, because I don't understand why anyone would even ask. Surprisingly, it's the companies that do it the most! Free samples and art tests are common; sometimes even mandatory for an artist. I disagree, your body of work IS the "sample", which should speak for itself; and I find that this is getting much worse because of the recession. People need jobs, and the corporations know this, so it is easy to get free work. Harlan Ellison says it best in this video here:

A Clip from Dreams with Sharp Teeth 
(I highly recommend watching the full documentary as well)

I love this message and he's such a character! I truly believe in what his saying. Any type of work should be compensated. So stand your ground when it comes down to it, and just remember that there is always something better right around the corner. A respectful employer or client is always worth the wait and will pay you what you are worth.


Friday, August 12

Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside

I'm really late on this one (I'm still on my documentary binge), Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside was a great little film about her life growing up in New York, how she got her start, and staying true to herself throughout it all. It's a fun watch and deeply moving.

Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside

Also, check this out:

Hurray! She's always such an inspiration.

Thursday, August 11

Radically Simple

RADICALLY simple is a documentary that I watched recently which deeply impacted me. The film is about author Jim Merkel, and how he lives a sustainable lifestyle through the homestead he built in Vermont.

Here's a clip:

I always thought that I was pretty good when it came to being eco-friendly and try to do my part to make the earth a better place for everyone, but this short film made me think about how much I'm actually consuming as an average American citizen. I was never in denial about it, but I thought that I was doing better than I really am. Take a look at this, here's my results from the footprint calender found on

 "If everyone lived like you, we would need 4.1 Planet Earths to provide enough resources"

What is your Ecological Footprint?

This is depressing. I thought that my efforts were more beneficial. Then just out of curiosity I took the quiz again, answering with the best possible answers and I still got 3.1 Earths. So I think that it has to do with the fact that I live in the US, because we consume the most resources in the world (followed by Canada). Our lifestyles are not sustainable, period. So what do we do? Sell our homes and move into the forest? Well, sure, but who's really going to do that? It just hurts to know that I am causing so much harm to the planet. All of these modern luxuries might not be worth it. Perhaps, like mentioned in the film, people would find this type of living to be peaceful and fulfilling. Kinda think of it as permanent camping. (Party at my campsite! Woot!) Then we don't need to work our lives away to buy crap we don't need... I'm sure you all think I'm crazy by now.

Read about the film (which can be found of Netflix):

More about The Global Living Project:

Media Moments: Jim Merkel 
Video Clip

Lastly, another fun little clip with Jim:

Happy movie watching!

Wednesday, August 10

Mole Plushy

Back in March a lovely lady named Jess commented on one of my illustrations called Nature's Domain. "This is beautiful. I wish I had a mole plushy just like that." said Jess. Well now, I think I can make that happen!

 Nature's Domain

A good friend of mine, Molly, happens to be a talented plushy artist, so we could totally work together to bring this little guy to life. Jess agreed that she was up for a commission and we got started right away.

We wanted to make him life-size, accurate to the original design in the painting. So we calculated that Mole should be 12.5 inches tall, based off of the Pan character. After that, I made a rough color model sheet of Mole for Molly so she could print it out and work off it in the correct scale.

Rough Model Sheet of Mole

Then it was all up to her! He roughly took three months to make and Molly posted her progress here:

Check Out The Making of Mole

So here he is! Jess even sent pictures. She says he's her little muse, and he loves his new home. Mole has even begun studying up on some writing theory. That's awesome news!

Mole Plushy

So again, I want to give a big thanks to Jess and Molly, because if it wasn't for them, Mole would have never been made. It was a dream come true to see my design come to life.

Tuesday, August 9

Starsuckers Documentary

I've been on a little social documentary high recently and Starsuckers was one of the films that I watched. It focuses on fame and media, about how people want it but are exploited and treated like crap by the big corporations once they get it. It also talks about how the media taps into your most basic urges to make you spend money and makes you believe that you too can be famous, like it's right around the corner. Like that's a good thing? Children grow up twisted by the desire to be famous. Fame = Survival. Physiologically speaking, fame will bring us well-being, social interaction, love, and everything we desire. Not only that, but the infatuation with famous people makes us obsessive, because just being acquainted with them will increase our chances of all of those things as well.

I even relate to this myself. Is this what I do as an artist? Do I want to be famous through the artwork that I create? Well I would say "no", but I'm not sure I buy it, because every artist wants their work to be seen in some way. To make a mark on the world. It's definitely something to ponder.

Here's the documentary:

Tee hee... It also reminds me of NIN:

Happy movie watching!

Monday, August 8

How TV Ruined Your Life - This is So True...

I loved this program so much, but I can't help to think that it's a bit ironic because it's a TV show called How TV Ruined Your Life. I did however find it to be quite amusing and honest. Just thinking about this concept made me realize that it's not just TV, it's most forms of media: movies, magazines, video games, newspapers, the Internet, etc. We are manipulated through this media and told how to live. From a psychological standpoint, they pray on our most basic human needs.

For me, I love that I'm disconnected from most of it. Not that it's good or bad, it's just how I choose to live. I'm fond of minimalism and the notion that one can live only on the bare essentials. I find that the less stuff I consume and accumulate (whether it's goods or media) the happier I am. An example of that is trying to share with others, or to borrow items from a friend or a library instead of purchasing them. So yeah, this show really inspired me to do better.

Watch the episodes for yourself and tell me what you think:

Also, just for fun, here's a article about a similar topic:

Haha! Fascinating indeed. Now there's a topic to discuss over breakfast.


Friday, August 5

Olive Oil Benefits - 10 Amazing Ways To Use It

 Trader Joe's Organic Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil  - $5.99
(Ideally a nice stone-crushed oil would be even better than cold pressed)

Olive oil is another favorite of mine which is used similar to jojoba oil. I prefer cold pressed extra virgin because the oil is all natural and uses a chemical-free process involving cold or mechanical pressing to produce an oil with low-levels of acidity. Also, olive oil should be stored in a cool dark place and used within three months of opening because it will go rancid quickly. I tend to use it more in the harsh winter months because it's thicker than jojoba, so it's perfect for chapped or extremely dry skin.

So here's some awesome ways to use the oil. Just like jojoba and tea tree oil, I love that you can do so much with it and you don't need to own multiple products. It's a natural all-in-one solution to a lot of problems. 

Olive Oil Uses

1. Foot and hand softener - In the winter it always seems like hands and feet need a little extra attention. Cold air plus heat from the furnace or shower is harsh on skin. So right after showering or before bed, slather on a generous amount of oil to hands and feet. Finish up by putting on some warm socks and letting the oil moisturize overnight. Cotton spa gloves are great too, so then you can let your hands moisturize without the hassle of getting oil on everything you touch.

2. Callus treatment - Use some oil on the callus and cover with a bandage. Repeat daily until the callus falls off. This process might take a while depending on how thick the callus is.

3. Deep hair conditioner - Uses a few tablespoons of oil (this depends on the length) and work into the hair. Wrap the saturated hair up into a bun and leave in for 30 minutes before showering.

4. A face mask - Take a generous amount of oil and apply it to your face, concentrating on dry patches. Message gently for a minute or so until skin begins to soften. Then take a wash cloth soaked in hot water and let it sit on your face until it gets cold. After the cloth is cool, use it to gently (without tugging on the skin) wipe away the oil. The oil from the mask cleanses and moisturizes the face, leaving you with soft, clean skin.

5. A body sugar scrub - Mix a few tablespoons of oil with organic sugar (organic sugar crystals tends to be larger, which is great for this) and use it for a body scrub in the bath or shower. I love this because it makes your legs and arms so soft.

6. Cuticle oil - Preferred over jojoba oil if nails need some serious moisturizing. This oil helps recondition dry cuticles. Also, feel free to use it on the entire nail surface to prevent chipping and peeling. Which can be caused by dehydration, drastic outdoor temperatures, or hot water drying out the nails, either from daily hand washing or over showering. The outgrowth of hair and nails is actually dead skin cells, so that's why they needed to be cared for to prevent future damage. Split or chipped nails cannot be mended, just like hair split ends. Just cut them off and care for them better next time.

7. Lip moisturizer - This is heavy duty for the winter months. It works out great on vacation as well, because most people have olive oil. So it's a great way to stay natural without having to pack an extra product if you're going to be staying with family or friends that wouldn't mind sharing.   

8. Ear infections - Olive oil has been used as a pain remedy for centuries, and ear infections is no exception. All you have to do is lie back and put a few drops of warm olive oil in your ear, wait five minutes, and then flip over to drain the oil back out. The oil is a pain reliever and acts as a lubricant to protect your outer ear wall.

9. For the bath - Just like jojoba oil, add 2-3 tablespoons to the bath to help heal dry skin. It's a bit more moisturizing, so I recommend this more for the winter months. 

10. The culinary arts - Of course! It's one of the best oils to use on raw foods, not only for it's rich flavor, but because of its many health benefits; specifically for the heart and cholesterol regulation. I use it cold on top of salads and a variety of other raw meals. A very little goes along way.

Olive oil is definitely a must have, because it's just so versatile. Give it a try!


Thursday, August 4

Jojoba Oil Benefits - 10 Amazing Ways To Use It

 Trader Joe's Spa 100% Pure Jojoba Oil  - $6.99 
(it's packaged in plastic, so I recommend transferring it into a glass bottle)

Jojoba oil is another fantastic oil that I can't live without. It's really great because the oil molecules have a similar structure to our own skin and hair sebum. More so than any other oil. I use to have a chemical-filled moisturizer that I thought was okay because I bought it from a fancy body store. Turns outs (surprise!) it wasn't that great at all and it broke me out. Jojoba oil on the other hand, is very gentle, all natural, and has a wonderful, light coffee-esque aroma. It's definitely my go-to oil.

So here's some awesome ways to use the oil. Just like tea tree oil, I love that you can do so much with it and you don't need to own multiple products. It's a natural all-in-one solution to a lot of problems.

Jojoba Oil Uses

1. Facial cleanser and moisturizer - This is the best moisturizer I have ever tried. The oil absorbs into skin quickly so you're not running around all day long feeling greasy. It also cleanses clogged pores. So I use it after my carrot facial scrub and tea tree oil treatment for even more cleansing power. Now this is not an acne cure. I find that a healthy diet is one of the most important factors for stopping acne from forming. Using jojoba oil as a way to fight existing acne, but not the solution to the problem. It's just a piece of the puzzle.

2. Makeup remover - This is also the best makeup remover I have ever used. It is so gentle and gets rid of everything; including stubborn products like eyeliner and mascara. It never burns or stings like other makeup removers do, even around the sensitive eye area. Just take a little on a cotton ball and watch it do it's magic.

3. Foot and hand softener - Applied just like lotion, I use it every time I get out off the shower/bath as a moisturizer. For the feet, it's great to put on a pair of cozy socks straightaway to lock in the moisturizer. Then you can run around the house without worrying about oil getting on everything.

4. Massage oil - I have used some pretty crappy oils in the past just because they smelled good. Fragrance is known to break the skin out, so this oil will not do that. Besides, it smell delicious. Have fun!

5. Lip conditioner - Use your fingers to apply the oil as if it were a lip balm. It's incredibly soothing and puts moisture back into chapped lips (it's natural, so it's a better choice than chemical-filled lip products). Which is perfect right after a shower or a bath. It's also nice to keep a small glass bottle of it in one's purse or travel bag for glossy lips on the go. It can be built up for the ladies, or worn very subtly by men.

6. Leave-in hair conditioner - Take a small amount in the palm of your hand and work it gently through the tips of your hair. This with help keep dry hair moisturized. It can also be smoothed over frizzies when hair is damp to combat flyaways.

7. Aftershave - I use this every time I shave. Just use a tiny bit and pat (don't rub) it onto the freshly shaved area. This leaves the skin soft and prevents razor burn. It works so well that I'm sure I'll never need to buy another product for this reason again.

8. Cuticle oil - This oil helps recondition dry cuticles. Also, feel free to use it on the entire nail surface to prevent chipping and peeling. Which can be caused by dehydration, drastic outdoor temperatures, or hot water drying out the nails, either from daily hand washing or over showering. The outgrowth of hair and nails is actually dead skin cells, so that's why they needed to be cared for to prevent future damage. Split or chipped nails cannot be mended, just like hair split ends. Just cut them off and care for them better next time.

9. For the bath - Add a few drops of oil to a bath. This moisturizes the skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

10. Excessive dry skin treatment - Perfect for getting rid of eczema. Eczema is just excessively over-dry skin. That's it. Skin that needs major moisturizing and love. I remember recommending jojoba oil to a good friend when she started developing little patches of eczema. She was very stressed out, found that she was making poor diet choices because of her hectic work schedule, and just moved to a cold city where she would need the heater turned on all the time. Well that will do it! So with a little TLC, getting back to eating good foods again, taking quicker warm showers (not hot), and a jojoba oil treatment after every shower and before going to bed at night, the eczema disappeared. She called me up saying, "Wow, this works. Thank you." Again, everything in life plays a huge role in healthy skin; I cannot emphasis that enough. It all builds you up, or breaks you down.

So there you have it. Jojoba oil is a lifesaver.


Wednesday, August 3

Tea Tree Oil Benefits - 10 Amazing Ways To Use It

Trader Joe's Spa 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil  - $6.49

Tea Tree Oil is one of those holistic beauty products that I wish I would have started using years ago. I originally bought it as a spot treatment to help with acne because my benzoyl peroxide was not that great. First off, because benzoyl peroxide is an immunotoxin, and second, is because it ruined my pillow cases, towels, and carpet when it came into contact with them. It bleaches everything it touches and it smells horrible. So as soon as I ran out I switched over to tea tree oil, and boy was I impressed. It's 100% pure oil, has a fresh smell, and really works wonders. I recommend it to all my friends.

So here's some awesome ways to use the oil. I love that you can do so much with it and you don't need to own multiple products. It's a natural all-in-one solution to a lot of problems.

Tea Tree Oil Uses

1. To treat acne and blackheads - This is what I mainly use tea tree oil for and it works, especially if used at night while your body is healing during sleep. The oil dries up acne so fast. Now this is not an acne cure, it's more for when you have a spot and need to get rid of it fast. I find that a healthy diet is the most important factor for stopping acne from forming. Think off tea tree oil as a way to fight existing acne, a band-aid if you will, but not the solution to the problem.

2. For wounds, burns, cuts, and bug bites - I use this with every bandage I have to apply. I just put a little on the pad and wrap up the wound. The oil is known to clean wounds and dissolve pus (same with acne pustules).

3. Dandruff treatment - Add a drop to shampoo or massage directly onto the scalp. The oil will help unblock clogged hair follicles and eliminate the problem. This can be used for flaking eyebrow dandruff as well, which is most often confused with dry skin. This is not the case, because dandruff is not dry skin, it's caused by excess sebum production. This sebum then causes skin irritation and premature shedding. Thus, dandruff is a moisture problem, not a dry skin problem and tea tree oil helps to eliminate it.

4. A disinfectant - Add some oil to water in a spray bottle and use it around the house. This is a natural way to kill mold or mildew in the bathroom or kitchen. If you're like me, reading the warning labels on normal household cleaners is a very scary thing. Hurray for a green solution!

5. Room deodorizer - Use a few drops with water in a spray bottle and use it to mist the room. Ahhhhhh, freshness that won't give you cancer.

6. Nail infections - Use oil directly on the cuticle and/or nail area to help fight the infection.

7. Skin treatment - Adding a drop or two of oil to lotion feels exhilarating when applying it to the body. It's very cooling, so don't add too much because it can burn. This is great for a massage or even to treat bacne.  

8. Scar treatment - This oil repairs skin (includes acne scars) by promoting the formation of new scar tissue and reduces redness.

9. For the bath - Just add three drops of oil to the bath to help heal skin. This not only feels great, but the aroma is relaxing and perfect right before bed.

10. Sunburn treatment - Add a few drops to vitamin E or jojoba oil and apply to sunburned skin. It's been a long time since I've been sunburned, so I have yet to try this out for myself. I'm sure it works great though.

How great is that? Who knew that one tiny bottle could do so much.


Tuesday, August 2

Natural Skin Care Routine for Normal to Dry Skin

I have been wanting to do a skin care article for quite some time now, because I finally have the experience to talk confidently about the subject. About three years ago, I started learning all I could about dermatology, with a focus on facial skin care specifically. I read books, researched online, watched documentaries, and started to implement new lifestyle changes. All of this exploration has lead to a clearer understanding of skin and what it takes to care for it. So without further ado, here's what I've found works best for my skin.

My normal to dry skin care routine in 5 easy steps:

1. In the morning upon waking I wash my hands followed by my face with warm water.

2. After my face is wet, I apply a pea-sized amount of 100% Pure Nourishing Carrot Facial Scrub, and in a circular motion work this into the skin for 30 seconds.

This product is worth every penny and it smells amazing. I noticed a huge difference from my previous cleanser that contained sulfates, which stripped all of the moisture out of my skin and left it feeling very tight. I'm a believer in the saying "You get what you pay for", BUT you also have to be knowledgeable about what you're putting on your skin. Not all expensive things are good, and $18 is not bad compared to some products I've purchased in the name of skin care. Be aware that the skin absorbs everything straight into the bloodstream and can be more harmful than eating toxic things. When eating something harmful, let's say processed foods filled with chemicals, the body can digest and filter it. There is no such thing when it comes to topically applying something to your skin. All of those bad ingredients just seep right into your blood.

Another thing to mention is that this product is 100% natural, 100% vegetarian (not vegan because it contains honey), cruelty free, and is in BPA (marked with a 07) and Phthalate free packaging. I still prefer glass to plastic but the fact that is doesn't contain these chemicals makes me sleep a little better at night. If you don't know about these, I highly recommend you read the links provided. They are not something to mess with. Just think, if it was in the packaging (plastics are know to leak chemicals), it would be in the product, and then on your skin. Awesome!

3. After 30 seconds is up, use cool water to rinse the product completely off and pat skin dry (do not rub) with a clean towel. Note that sometimes in the harsh winter months if my skin is super dry I'll skip washing my face in the morning and only do it at night because water dries out your skin whether it's cold or hot. Cold water is best, because it doesn't dry out the skin as badly at hot water. None the less, it still washes the natural sebum away, and in the winter dry skin needs all the help it can get. It's truly about balance; learn to know what your skin needs and treat it accordingly.

4. Straightaway, before the skin completely dries, apply Trader Joe's Spa 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil (costs $6.49 and is packaged in glass) with fingers. Use this to spot treat any blemishes you have, lightly massaging the oil into the spot for a few seconds. Note that less is more when it comes to using this oil. I used way too much when I started out, and had red patches on my face where the oil had completely dried out my skin. So yes, a little goes along way.

5. After all of the spots have been oiled, take a small amount (a little goes along way) of Trader Joe's Spa 100% Pure Jojoba Oil (costs $6.99 and it's packaged in plastic, so I recommend transferring it into a glass bottle) on your fingers and work over your entire face using patting motions until skin feels completely moisturized. The warmth of your fingers will help the product absorb into the skin better.

Overall this process only takes a minute or two. Once you get it down, it's a piece of cake. I also repeat this routine an hour before going to bed as well. Just so the oils have a little bit of time to absorb before I hit the pillow.

As far as storage is concerned, I keep all of these products in a dark, cool place. Specifically the medicine cabinet of my half bathroom, so they do not get exposed to the damp heat from the shower. Another place to consider putting them is in your refrigerator. This will help them stay fresh longer (especially if they are natural products) and cool products feel wonderful on the skin.

Pairing this routine with a low sugar diet, high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats will produce wonderful results. Just remember that the products are only part of the equation. Diet plays a huge roll in keeping skin healthy. It is after all our biggest organ.

Here's to awesome skin.

Monday, August 1

Look of the Month :: Summer 2011 :: August

Wow, it's already August and that means students are going back to school at the end of the month. I love this time of year because of that; I'm a terribly nostalgic person and I miss going back. It was all of the excitement of meeting new people, buying a few new things, and the fresh start of a whole new school year. So here's a look just for that; something colorful, perfect for the last month of summer, but subtle and earthy enough to for the first day back to school. 

The current look is:
A U G U S T  2 0 1 1

Color trends for this month:
Orange, yellow, cobalt blue, white, and gold

Current motivation for the look:
Going back to school, the days getting shorter, and a fresh start

Previous Looks this Year:

Please feel free to express yourself as well! Share links, tips, or any other suggestions in the comments. I would love to hear from you.


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