Thursday, March 31

Lady Gaga Talks with Google

This video is my inspiration for the day. I loved it so much and I wanted to share it with others as well, just in case you haven't seen it.

Google Goes Gaga

It's a little long, but totally worth it.

Thursday, March 24

Pure Threads: Organic and Fair Trade Clothing

So Emma Watson is at it again! And I just love it! Recently, collaborating with Italian designer Alberta Ferretti, the two lovely ladies just launched a new line called Pure Threads that is both organic and fair trade.

"Fresh, serene, and intelligent, these looks are perfect for Emma. They're chic but scrupulous down to the very last stitch. The collection is completely organic, from the picking and spinning of our cottons to the washing, weaving and dyeing of our textiles.” - Alberta Ferretti

Check out these Websites:

It would be so nice to have one of these beautiful pieces.


Thursday, March 17

Zero Waste Lifestyle

 "You will obtain your goal if you maintain your course." - Fortune Cookie

This family is so amazing and inspiring! I would love to live this way, even though I'm far from it. Despite that, ever since I've watched this video, I have been brainstorming little things that I can change about my lifestyle that will take me a step in the right direction.

Watch the video here:

Here are 5 things that I have incorporated recently:

- Turn out all of the lights whenever I don't need them. When the sun is up, NO lights are on.

- Buying most of my food at farmer's markets. This is something that I recently needed to crack down on.

- Not using paper even for little things. If I have a note, I'll write it down on my computer or tablet.

- Saving glass jars and reusing them. Applesauce, mustard, spices, Tabasco sauce, tea tree oil, etc. all come in wonderful little glass jars that I use around the house instead of buying containers.

- Unplug all electronics from outlets that I'm not using. Even if something's not turned on, it's still most likely a vampire ("sent to drain, lalala," I just had to do that) and using a small amount of electricity.

Cheers and happy living.

Tuesday, March 15

Tom & Kira

This is a redo of a piece that I created back in 2005. Perhaps you remember them? I loved these characters so much and wanted to develop them more. I never felt the original captured them the way that I wanted. That, and I was eager to try a new digital watercolor technique out. I found this a bit frustrating, because learning new things typically is. I actually had to spend way more time than I originally thought it needed for coloring.

The color swatches I made for this painting.  Feel free to use them!

"Tom & Kira" - Character Design & Linework Drawing
Level: Advanced 

For more information, please read the YouTube info box.

"Tom & Kira" - Digital Watercolors Painting
Level: Advanced 

For more information, please read the YouTube info box.

Content, editing, and compositing by Claudia Sutton.
Music composed by Alvin Muolic.

Sunday, March 13

"10 Films in 10 Days" Project - Complete!

So I finally made it to the end. Which was quite an accomplishment! 10 films in 10 days; that was sure some movie marathon and it feels good to say that I have seen all of those films now. My movie watching already came in handy, because I went to see some friends yesterday and they were talking about Alien. Haha! So I could join in! Hurray!

Best, and until next time, happy movie watching.

Saturday, March 12

10 Films in 10 Days Project - Day Ten : Catch Me If You Can

"Quiet down, people! My name is Mr. Abagnale! 
That's Abagnale, not Abagnahlee. 
Not Abagnaylee, but Abagnale! " - Frank

Catch Me If You Can - 2002

I remember when this film came out in theaters. I really wanted to see it, but sadly school got the best of me. So I'm glad that I finally got around to it because it was a great film.

I admired Frank's character a lot because he was resourceful and completely fearless. Even though his poor choice to use his talents for fraud came back to bite him in the ass, it was still fun to watch him pull off all of his acts. I also found the ending to be quite humorous. Despite being punished, and going to jail for a bit, he still ended up with a descent real job working for the government. If you can't beat 'em, hire 'em!

Friday, March 11

10 Films in 10 Days Project - Day Nine : Ocean's Eleven

"Ten oughta do it, don't you think? You think we need one more? You think we need one more. Alright, we'll get one more." - Danny

I expected more from this film. It just seemed a bit too Hollywood for me; a big budget flick that you go to see on a Friday night because you're bored.

Not once did I feel nervous for the characters, or question if they could actually pull off their heist. It was all just too perfect. Pretty much everything went according to their plain, with only a few hiccups along the way. So it didn't not satisfy me. I was expecting that the job was going to be a lot harder to pull off than it was. Especially the way they talked; how it was so crazy...blah, blah, blah. But I guess they were all too awesome to make any mistakes.

Thursday, March 10

10 Films in 10 Days Project - Day Eight : Unbreakable

"You should never do anything like this. You know that right?" - David

Unbreakable - 2000

I loved this film. It had me from the very beginning. The pacing and directing is excellent, I definitely noticed all of the creative framing, camera positions, movements, etc. Well done, indeed!

Not only that, but the characters were memorable and real. Especially David, it was fun to see him grow throughout the film and recognize his true potential. It also made me curious about people like that in real life. I wonder if there are people like David, that can sense things? I am reminded of Stan Lee's Superhumans, were his team goes around the world to find people with crazy abilities. So in a way, yes, superhumans do exist, and that's a cool thought to ponder on.

Even the twist at the end, which I wasn't expecting at all, was a neat little "Oh, crap" moment. So I highly recommend watching this. It's one of M. Night Shyamalan's stronger films.

Wednesday, March 9

10 Films in 10 Days Project - Day Seven : The Rock

"It's you. You're the rocket man." - Stanley

The Rock - 1996

This is the only film on my list that I didn't know much about at all. Other than the fact that it starred Sean Connery, that it was awesome and highly recommended; I was going in blind. 

Well last night, when I went to put the movie in, I realized that it was rated R for strong violence. I don't do well with that, specifically when the film takes place in present day, and not a sci-fi or fantasy setting. It's more real to me. So there were a lot of things that grossed me out, not only the violence but the subtext of the film as well. Specially the military complex and unjust treatment of people. Why can't we just all get along? It seemed kinda odd that the government wouldn't pay the ransom, but instead, was ready to blow up all of those people. Blah. Money is never worth someones life. But then again, I guess you wouldn't have a movie if they did that.

Another thing was that I LIVE in the San Francisco Bay Area! So it's kinda weird, because I just saw Alcatraz Island about a week ago. Spooky! Again, it's just a film, but I could not help but be reminded about real world issues.

Other than that, it's quite a ride. There is plenty of action-packed Michael Bay moments. Explosions, guns, car chases, oh my! It reminded me of a video game in some parts. I even believe that Modern Warfare 2 was inspired by it for a few bits.

Tuesday, March 8

10 Films in 10 Days Project - Day Six : Clerks

"Da Duh, Da Duh, Da Duh DA DUH. Salsa shark!" - Randal

Clerks - 1994

I love Kevin Smith, I really do. So it was nice to finally see the film that started his career. I have seen all of his other ones, so it was about time! Admittedly, you can tell that this is his first film though. The pacing is a bit slow and in some parts it sounds like the actors are reading the dialogue straight off the script.

Other than that, I really enjoyed myself. The characters are great. Not too likable for various reasons, (especially Dante because of his feeble nature) but memorable and humorous none the less. My absolute favorite being Jay and Silent Bob, I always love their scenes and of course I couldn't get enough of Kevin's witty, unique writing style. That is always fun!

Monday, March 7

10 Films in 10 Days Project - Day Five : Sixteen Candles

"Thanks for getting my undies back." - Samantha

This is an amazing film! Go watch it, that's all I'm going to say. Rent it, buy it, borrow it; just see it. It's definitely my favorite of the bunch thus far. I love "slice of life" films, and this is one of the best I've seen. It made me so happy. Oh, and a bottle of White Zinfandel goes really well with it.

Sunday, March 6

10 Films in 10 Days Project - Day Four : Flash Gordon

"Flash, FLASH!  Flash I love you, but we only have fourteen hours to save the Earth!" - Dale

Flash Gordon - 1980

Wow, this was a campy movie, but not in the fun type of way. I was actually a little disappointed with this one. I'm sure nostalgia plays a huge role in why people are still fond of this film today. So I can understand why seeing it as a child would have been cool, but unfortunately, that ship has sailed for me. I just could not connect with it in any way. The whole film felt generic.

The music, on the other hand, was the only awesome thing. I found it amusing that I could remember almost all of the lines from the Queen song "Flash", including all of the dialogue from the film. Despite the fact that this was the first time I had seen it. Nostalgia had won me over. The reason being, was because my aunt made my sisters and me an amazing Queen mixed tape when we were little girls. That song being one of the favorites.

Saturday, March 5

10 Films in 10 Days Project - Day Three : Alien

"I'm okay. I just slipped." - Kain

Alien - 1979

EEEK! I always forget how much nerve it takes me to watch films like this! This movie was scary! Oh my, it certainly held up over the years. I'm glad that I had my blanket and pillow to protect me from the terrifying alien. I couldn't help hiding for some parts, even though throughout the years this movie has been spoiled for me. Including the other films in the Alien franchise, because I saw them backwards. Starting with 4, then 2 and now finally this one, the first. So I knew that certain characters would be okay and that gave me comfort, but as for the others... well... yeah....

If these types of films stick with you, I don't recommend seeing it. Even though some of the alien bits were a little comical. For instance, one can tell that it's just some guy standing around in an alien suit when they do long shots. And when the chestburster runs off, he's just like "WEEE! I'm skating, lalala", I laughed so hard. Aside from that, the directing, editing, and music are still very suspenseful.

Friday, March 4

10 Films in 10 Days Project - Day Two : Barbarella

"De-crucify him or I'll melt your face!" - Barbarella

Barbarella - 1968

What? Really Barbarella! I didn't know what I was getting myself into with this one. What an odd film and definitely not something to watch on family fun night. Humorously, it's rated PG, but the only point of the film seemed to be sex and watching amazingly beautiful people prance around in little fantasy costumes. Which were all amazing, I did get a kick out of the retro European look of the film. The costume design specifically. So I can understand perhaps why artistically one would be interested.

Other than that, it was so campy that I didn't even bother with think too hard about the storyline. It's one of those films that you just have to shut your brain off and enjoy it for what it is. Also, I can see were the Austin Powers films perhaps drew some of their inspiration from. Everything was so psychedelic and there was fur everywhere!

Overall, I still recommend it. Watch it with a good group of friends and have fun.

Thursday, March 3

10 Films in 10 Days Project - Day One : A Fist Full of Dollars

"I don't think it's nice, you laughin'. You see, my mule don't like people laughin'. Gets the crazy idea you're laughin' at him. Now if you apologize like I know you're going to, I might be able to convince him that you really didn't mean it..." - The Man with No Name

A Fistful of Dollars - 1964

This film was great fun. I remember when I was a kid, my father would always watch these films when we went on vacation. Late at night, when we were all done with our sightseeing, he would watch them in the hotel room. As a young girl I never bothered to pay attention. I thought it was amusing because I never understood his fascination with Western films.

Well now I know why! Clint Eastwood is brilliant! What little boy didn't grow up wanting to be a cowboy after seeing something like that? The Man with No Name, was indeed quite the character. He lived up to his reputation after all these years. What I didn't expect though, was how his soft voice completely contrasted with his bad-ass nature. That was a neat little detail that I enjoyed.

Other than that, it was fun to see how much movie quality has improved over the years. I had quite a few laugh-out-loud moments because of the campy acting, night scenes that were obviously shot during the day time and really bad lip sync. Despite all of this, I recommend it because it's still a solid film.


Wednesday, March 2

"10 Films in 10 Days" Project

Recently I have been inspired by a good friend of mine to watch more films. As an artist, I feel like it's important to have a good understanding of this medium. Just so that one is knowledgeable about the craft. Not only that, but I'm so curious about these movies! I always told myself I would get around to it, but unfortunately, never found the time for them. Until now.

I created this little project to inspire me to watch the films that I've always wanted to see. No more excuses! I will watch 10 Films in 10 Days. So stick around and I will report back each day and review my experience.

Here are my picks - In chronological order:

A Fistful of Dollars - 1964

Barbarella - 1968

Alien - 1979

Flash Gordon - 1980

Sixteen Candles - 1984

Clerks - 1994

The Rock - 1996

Unbreakable - 2000

Ocean's Eleven - 2001

Catch Me If You Can - 2002

Cheers and happy movie watching,

Tuesday, March 1

Look of the Month :: Spring 2011 :: March

Springtime is almost here! I can feel the warmth in the air and the cherry blossoms have bloomed in the garden. The cold still lingers on some nights and sounds of laughter & good cheer can be heard from the city streets. I love this time of year, when the last of the winter parties wrap up and people start to emerge from their homes to spend more time outdoors.

This particular digital face chart is inspired by just that, and the many award shows that have been held as of late. I even wore this makeup look to the Oscar party I went to this year. 

The current look is:
M A R C H  2 0 1 1

Color trends for this month:
Red, plum, honeysuckle, off white, and silver

Current motivation for the look:
The red carpet, after parties, and the first signs of springtime

Previous Looks this Year:

Please feel free to express yourself as well! Share links, tips, or any other suggestions in the comments. I would love to hear from you.


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