Tuesday, December 6

Artist Feature: Neha Jain - 3D Artist

Does anyone remember this painting of mine?

Fish Shop | Painted in 2006

Well recently the lovely and talented Neha Jain was inspired to create two 3D renders based on the concept. How cool is that! I'm so thrilled to see that she brought the artwork to life in a whole new way.

So go check them out here:

Also, she just launched her new blog:

Go show some love, and tell her that Claudia sent you.



  1. Hey Claudia :-)

    I like this painting. I really love how you capture the sun, which has been a rather difficult task for me, and the ray in the foreground. Very nice.

    Until next time


  2. Thank you Wiley. :) Sunsets are always fun to paint.

  3. hey thanx a million ton claudia...i m just flattered to see my work feature on ur blog..sorry m a little late to reply, i have been busy with job interviews nd finally i have got my first job in a vfx studio...thanx again for creating such inspiring work..:-)

  4. Oh wow Neha! That's wonderful news. Congratulations on your new job. :)

    Thank you again, it's lovely work.


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