Thursday, November 10

Florence + the Machine's New Album

Lovely Florence and her beautiful voice has put me in a trance this week. Her new album Ceremonials just came out and I adore it. It has inspired me so much and it was just what I was hoping for after her amazing first album Lungs.

Before I got my hands on it, I stumbled across her single "What The Water Gave Me" and I couldn't stop listening to it. She has such a powerful, but sweet voice. Something that she can turn on and off in an instant. That contrast is what's so compelling about her sound. That, and her artistic themes about death, relationships, whimsy, and nature are all so fascinating to me.

I even painted Robert Dean's portrait to that song. He's a talented English fashion stylist that needed artwork done for the launch of his new website. That song was all I wanted to listen to during the entire creation of that painting (I'm excited to show it off when the time is right). I get that way sometimes. The music will just move me, I get into a flow, and don't stop until the art is complete. Surprisingly enough, the direction of that painting had similar themes, so it was too perfect.

If you haven't heard it yet, you have to check it out:


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