Thursday, October 20

I'm Back From Vacation

Going on vacation to CO is always awesome. For me, it's mandatory to take time off and I needed to unwind a little, so I felt that the invitation came at a perfect time. It was just long enough for me to clear my head and relax for a bit. I got to see my family, walk through a wonderful corn maze, dress up in silly costumes, carve pumpkins, watch old Halloween movies, and drink lots of hot apple cider. It was a time to remember!

Twisting the camera with a long exposure in the corn maze under a full moon.

The hottest chicks in town (Carin, Carla, Claudia).

Hurray for pumpkins.

I even got to go up into the Rocky Mountains for a bit to explore around Boulder Creek. It's so beautiful up there and I was able to capture some of the autumn colors in my photography. So I'm excited to share those with you. I just have to pick out the best ones. 

♡ Claudia


  1. YAY!!! Looks like SO much fun!!!

  2. Welcome back! Nice facial hair!

  3. That explains so much. In a good way, not in a sarcastic and demeaning way. But can I call you Groucho Claudia now?

  4. EN: Heehee! It was. :P Sister time!

    Nathan: Thank you. It took me a day to grow. :3

    Corey: Yes you may! Groucho Claudia for the win! XD


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