Monday, October 24

Forks Over Knives

 "Either you can or you can't." - Fortune Cookie

I was super excited when Matthew Brown, a fellow artist on Deviant Art, mentioned this awesome film called Forks Over Knives that I have never heard of before. That same night I queued it on Netflix and watched it after dinner. Of course I found it to be fascinating and wanted to pass it along to anyone that hasn't seen it yet. Basically it's a "Claudia Documentary", meaning, it's about the amazing power of a wholefoods plant-based diet. It even convinced me to change up my breakfast a bit. Now only one turkey bacon strip instead of two, and more veggies or homemade juice in the mornings. Just to cut back a little more. I still eat meat, just very small portions.

One thing that stood out to me as well is how scientists are finding that you can easily turn on and off your genes just by what you eat.

Eat Processed Foods: You will get fat and diseased. 
Eat Good Wholefoods: Turn off those genes and live a long happy life. 

I quote a lady from the documentary that says, "If you go through life thinking what happens to you from a health perspective is based on your genes, you're a helpless victim." Your health is in your hands. That same lady comes from an obese family, where she is the only member that is slim and healthy. Showing that you as an individual can make a difference in your health. You are what you eat.

Watch the trailer here:

Happy movie watching!