Monday, October 3

APE Con 2011

APE Con was awesome. I had a wonderful first experience. It was so nice to see old friends, meet some new ones, and appreciate art of all sorts. The show was bigger than I expected, but still small enough to see in one day. Also, I'm glad I didn't get a table this year, being that it was my first time. I was able to explore and talk to all the artists, which I couldn't have done if I had a table. Perhaps I'll get one in the future though. We'll see.

Another highlight of the con was that I got to chat with Tim Schafer. He was just standing there in the hallway playing with a yo-yo and I was like, "Hey there's Tim Schafer." *continue walking by... pause* "No wait, that's Tim Schafer... I'm going to go say hello. Yeah!" So I did and he's pretty cool. Sadly, I forgot to ask him what working with Cookie Monster was like. That would have made for a wonderful conversation.

So yes, I had a blast and will definitely consider going back next year. 

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