Wednesday, September 28

Tagged by Zeth!

Hurray! Justin tagged me personally! I'm so excited; I love taggy-tag-tags!

10 Random Things Tag

1. There is a man right outside my window with a ladder painting my house. Weird! He's like right next to me.

2. I spend a lot of my day cooking and preparing nutritious meals. They typically take me 30 minutes to an hour per meal and are made from fresh, organic, local foods. Today for breakfast I made a lovely fresh kale, lemon, celery, carrot, tomato, and apple juice (all produce is fresh from local farms) with my eggs. I find that it brings me a lot of joy, that is, to take the time out to make something wholesome and special. So if you ever come for dinner, I treat my guests very well.

3. The only places I've been outside the US are England and Canada. I'm dying to see the world. I renewed my passport two years ago and sadly haven't used it yet. It's been my dream to travel all over and meet some of you wonderful people.

4. I don't have any pets. I do love to observe animals in the wild though.

5. I use my Wacom for everything I do on the computer, including web surfing.

6. Burberry and Chanel are my favorite brands.

7. I've been having reoccurring dreams about going back to high school as an adult. And I never have my schedule printed and have to always find the guidance office to get it sorted out on the very first day back to school.

8. My computer is six years old, but I love it. Its name is Vader.

9. I was born a blonde, but my hair changed colors throughout the years until middle school. It's naturally a neutral dark brown. 

10. I don't have texting.

So there you go. Oh the random madness!
By the way... tag you're it.