Tuesday, September 27

Owls and Laura Mercier

Hello there fellow night owls. Hoot hoot! I was so busy today that the day just flew by. Speaking of night owls and flying, I saw two owls tonight on my evening walk. Two! I love owls and I rarely see them in the wild, so that was a special treat. Isn't seeing an owl considered good luck because they're so rare?

Anyway, over the weekend I had an appointment to get my makeup done at the Union Square Macy's Laura Mercier counter in San Francisco. It was such a treat because I'm the one typically doing makeup for others, so it was nice to finally have my face done instead. I could just sit back and relax (which was nice because of my busy schedule) and talk to the other makeup artists about their techniques. The lovely and talented Ya-ya Opler did my makeup. She went with something very editorial and in for the fall season, a heavy eye with an inverted crease pared with pink cheeks and lips. She did such a brilliant job, I felt like a celebrity all dolled up for my day in the city. Also, I loved watching her work because I always get a kick out of learning from other artists. It gives me a fresh perspective. One trick that I picked up from Ya-ya was to contour with blush around the temples if the look has a cool palette. I've never done that before, so I'm definitely going to add that to my bag of tricks.

Laura Mercier is a brand that I've been wanted to try for a very long time, because I've heard good things about their products from other professionals. Specifically the foundation. The Oil Free Foundation is absolutely amazing; I'm so impressed by it from an artistic standpoint. I would switch over in a heartbeat if it wasn't for some of the ingredients. It unfortunately has a lot of harmful chemicals in it. But even my Bare Escentuals foundation isn't perfect.

Here are the links if you're interested in the ingredients:

So yup, wearing no makeup at all would be ideal for the skin, but I can't see myself doing that. As a freelancer I'm lucky that I don't have to wear it everyday and when I do it's only for a few hours. Perhaps I shall pick up some Laura Mercier for the rare special occasions.



  1. Aww, I thought I looked waaaayyy better in the red PJ's.XD

    Thanks hun.


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