Friday, September 9

My Thoughts on: Red Hot Chili Peppers - I'm With You

I've been listening to this album pretty much nonstop since it came out and I must say that it's not an overall hit for me. It's catchy and some of the songs are great, but as a whole it's not a favorite. YET! That's just my initial impression, some of the best music has to grow on you over time or tastes might evolve. Another thing to note is that RHCP is a very nostalgic thing for me, and therefore enough time hasn't past for me to go "Oh I remember how I felt then, and where I was in life." So that is hard to predict if it will become a favorite, but right now I'm not dying to listen to it. I do catch myself singing the songs randomly, so that's cool.

Here are my favorites from the album so far:
"Monarchy of Roses"
"The Adventure of Rain Dance Maggie"
"Did I Let You Know"
"Even You Brutus?"
"Meet Me at the Corner"