Wednesday, September 21

Mola Inspiration

I just finished sewing lovely Rango to my bag. I picked out the perfect blue thread to match the bag color, so that helped incorporate the blue into the design. Isn't he pretty? 

He was a gift from a dear friend of mine, Alfredo Arango (that's why he's called Rango). Alfredo got the artwork while he was in Panama, and thought that it would inspire me to think outside the box and look to it as a way to expand my horizons. So indeed it has. I've been researching the art of "mola", meaning clothing or shirt, and have found it to be quite fascinating. It originates from the traditional costumes of Kuna Panamanian women, which combines two panels of cloth, initially bought by European settlers, with intricate images or patterns sewn into them. That of which, I would have never been aware of if it wasn't for this beautiful little present.

A big thanks goes out to Alfredo. I loved the art so much that I wanted to sew him on my bag and take him wherever I go. That way inspiration will follow me to the ends of the earth and he'll be my little traveling friend.

                                                  Cheers and here's to learning new things.