Thursday, September 1

Look of the Month :: Fall 2011 :: September

It's the beginning of fall and that means that it's time to shift to darker colors, not only in fashion but makeup as well. There are a few prominent runways trends that I've noticed this season including, but not limited to: heavy 90's and 70's influences, along with matching makeup colors, cat-eyes, and wine-stained lips. So what better way to bring in the new season, and incorporate some of these trends, then with vampire inspired makeup looks. I wanted to create the looks from the artwork that I did for White Wolf's Vampire: The Requiem and they just so happen to be perfect for this season (or also great for a Halloween costume or vampire cosplay). Personally, this would be an awesome night look, because I like editorial-looking makeup. Don't be afraid to be daring. Fall is the time to do it. Pair this with crazy contact lenses and tons of jewelry. Facial piercing would also be great; just like the Daeva rock star vamp that this was based on.

"The Daeva evoke the image of vampires as seductive, decadent, sexually transgressive predators who blur lust and hunger together, equating the act of feeding with sensual pleasure." - Vampire: The Requiem

The current look is:
S E P T E M B E R  2 0 1 1

Color inspiration:
Crimson, teal, pale green, black, and sterling silver

Current motivation for the look:
Vampire: The Requiem - The Daeva Clan

Previous Looks this Year:

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