Tuesday, September 13

Birthday Wishes and the Hookah Bar

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for all of the lovely birthday wishes yesterday. I took my special day off and spent it celebrating. It was wonderful to have so many happy messages, phone calls, and presents. It means the world to me. Birthday's are always so fun, but if you you ask me my age I'll pull a Fran.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day shoe shopping in San Francisco. I needed new shoes, because my old ones have massive holes in them. They lasted about four years, but sadly I couldn't walk in them any longer because the insoles were falling out and dirt can now easily get into them. Blah! I hate throwing shoes away, because I always get so attached to them. They have taken me so far in life, on so many adventures, that I get sentimental. That, and the whole minimalist thing, only buying new things when I absolutely need them. The fact that they're going to the dump is always a sad thought. RIP old shoes, you will probably take hundreds of years to disintegrate.

On a more happy note, I really do love the new one's. They're very 90's combat boot, mixed with a delicate Victorian-inspired toe cap. Casual meets elegant. So that's true love, and I hope that they last me forever and ever and EVER!

Also, my mother sent me some beautiful vintage dresses that have been in the family for ages. One belonged to my grandmother and is from the 1950's. It's so beautiful and I love the fact the she lives on through this dress. To me clothing means something, it should tell a story, your story: Where you come from and who you are. So this dress makes me feel that. I would love to pair it with some red stilettos, pearls, and black little gloves. It would be so classic.

1950's                                                        1970's    

Then there's a 1970's dress my mother made with a charming floral print. The 70's are trending right now, so I'm dying to wear this dress, but I can't fit into it. My mother was so skinny (it's about a 22 inch waist) that it's too small for me. Even my grandmother's dress just barely zips up on me, which is humorously a size 9 (probably equivalent to a size 1 today) and has about a 24 inch waistline. So, that is going to be my new goal. I want to fit into these dresses, meaning I have to get back into tip-top shape. I'm sure the birthday cake didn't help much either, but my sister Carla did send me a wonderful cactus and zucchini to help counterbalance that. This will be my first time eating cactus; which I'm very excited about.

So then there's the hookah bar. My dear friend Alfredo came back to SF to visit this past weekend, and that was an excuse for a lot of AAU alumni/friends to get back together. We spent the evening eating amazing Italian food and then we all went over the Cafe Chanta on Post Street to sit on soft pillows and smoke some Hookah. No, I didn't partake, I'm not a smoker; and yes, I know that the second hand smoke is just as bad. But for me it was more about a cultural life experience that I have never had before. The bar was so much fun and I felt like I was in Wonderland. I told all of my friend that they would turn into blue caterpillars and start speaking in riddles if they smoked too much hookah. So that, plus the awesome company, trumps any worries about the smoke. I'm sure my birthday cake was just as evil.

That pretty much wraps up my amazing weekend. Birthday's always make me appreciate life and reflect on all of the things that I still want to do. So get out there and live a little! That's what I say.

Cheers and here's to a brand new year full of possibilities.


  1. For a second there I tought the fran you were refereng was The Nanny... (If I recall not even the CIA could figure out her age)

  2. Your birthday was yesterday? Happy belated birthday.

  3. The 12th. Thank you Corey. *hugs*

  4. Happy Birthday late! I found the link to your blog on deviantart :)

  5. Im glad your ice cream cake didn't melt :)

  6. Mataloo: Aww. Thanks so much. :D I appreciate it.

  7. Heehee! Yup, I ate it all up already Carin. <3


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