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Tea Tree Oil Benefits - 10 Amazing Ways To Use It

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Tea Tree Oil is one of those holistic beauty products that I wish I would have started using years ago. I originally bought it as a spot treatment to help with acne because my benzoyl peroxide was not that great. First off, because benzoyl peroxide is an immunotoxin, and second, is because it ruined my pillow cases, towels, and carpet when it came into contact with them. It bleaches everything it touches and it smells horrible. So as soon as I ran out I switched over to tea tree oil, and boy was I impressed. It's 100% pure oil, has a fresh smell, and really works wonders. I recommend it to all my friends.

So here's some awesome ways to use the oil. I love that you can do so much with it and you don't need to own multiple products. It's a natural all-in-one solution to a lot of problems.

Tea Tree Oil Uses

1. To treat acne and blackheads - This is what I mainly use tea tree oil for and it works, especially if used at night while your body is healing during sleep. The oil dries up acne so fast. Now this is not an acne cure, it's more for when you have a spot and need to get rid of it fast. I find that a healthy diet is the most important factor for stopping acne from forming. Think off tea tree oil as a way to fight existing acne, a band-aid if you will, but not the solution to the problem.

2. For wounds, burns, cuts, and bug bites - I use this with every bandage I have to apply. I just put a little on the pad and wrap up the wound. The oil is known to clean wounds and dissolve pus (same with acne pustules).

3. Dandruff treatment - Add a drop to shampoo or massage directly onto the scalp. The oil will help unblock clogged hair follicles and eliminate the problem. This can be used for flaking eyebrow dandruff as well, which is most often confused with dry skin. This is not the case, because dandruff is not dry skin, it's caused by excess sebum production. This sebum then causes skin irritation and premature shedding. Thus, dandruff is a moisture problem, not a dry skin problem and tea tree oil helps to eliminate it.

4. A disinfectant - Add some oil to water in a spray bottle and use it around the house. This is a natural way to kill mold or mildew in the bathroom or kitchen. If you're like me, reading the warning labels on normal household cleaners is a very scary thing. Hurray for a green solution!

5. Room deodorizer - Use a few drops with water in a spray bottle and use it to mist the room. Ahhhhhh, freshness that won't give you cancer.

6. Nail infections - Use oil directly on the cuticle and/or nail area to help fight the infection.

7. Skin treatment - Adding a drop or two of oil to lotion feels exhilarating when applying it to the body. It's very cooling, so don't add too much because it can burn. This is great for a massage or even to treat bacne.  

8. Scar treatment - This oil repairs skin (includes acne scars) by promoting the formation of new scar tissue and reduces redness.

9. For the bath - Just add three drops of oil to the bath to help heal skin. This not only feels great, but the aroma is relaxing and perfect right before bed.

10. Sunburn treatment - Add a few drops to vitamin E or jojoba oil and apply to sunburned skin. It's been a long time since I've been sunburned, so I have yet to try this out for myself. I'm sure it works great though.

How great is that? Who knew that one tiny bottle could do so much.


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