Tuesday, August 9

Starsuckers Documentary

I've been on a little social documentary high recently and Starsuckers was one of the films that I watched. It focuses on fame and media, about how people want it but are exploited and treated like crap by the big corporations once they get it. It also talks about how the media taps into your most basic urges to make you spend money and makes you believe that you too can be famous, like it's right around the corner. Like that's a good thing? Children grow up twisted by the desire to be famous. Fame = Survival. Physiologically speaking, fame will bring us well-being, social interaction, love, and everything we desire. Not only that, but the infatuation with famous people makes us obsessive, because just being acquainted with them will increase our chances of all of those things as well.

I even relate to this myself. Is this what I do as an artist? Do I want to be famous through the artwork that I create? Well I would say "no", but I'm not sure I buy it, because every artist wants their work to be seen in some way. To make a mark on the world. It's definitely something to ponder.

Here's the documentary:

Tee hee... It also reminds me of NIN:

Happy movie watching!

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