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Olive Oil Benefits - 10 Amazing Ways To Use It

 Trader Joe's Organic Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil  - $5.99
(Ideally a nice stone-crushed oil would be even better than cold pressed)

Olive oil is another favorite of mine which is used similar to jojoba oil. I prefer cold pressed extra virgin because the oil is all natural and uses a chemical-free process involving cold or mechanical pressing to produce an oil with low-levels of acidity. Also, olive oil should be stored in a cool dark place and used within three months of opening because it will go rancid quickly. I tend to use it more in the harsh winter months because it's thicker than jojoba, so it's perfect for chapped or extremely dry skin.

So here's some awesome ways to use the oil. Just like jojoba and tea tree oil, I love that you can do so much with it and you don't need to own multiple products. It's a natural all-in-one solution to a lot of problems. 

Olive Oil Uses

1. Foot and hand softener - In the winter it always seems like hands and feet need a little extra attention. Cold air plus heat from the furnace or shower is harsh on skin. So right after showering or before bed, slather on a generous amount of oil to hands and feet. Finish up by putting on some warm socks and letting the oil moisturize overnight. Cotton spa gloves are great too, so then you can let your hands moisturize without the hassle of getting oil on everything you touch.

2. Callus treatment - Use some oil on the callus and cover with a bandage. Repeat daily until the callus falls off. This process might take a while depending on how thick the callus is.

3. Deep hair conditioner - Uses a few tablespoons of oil (this depends on the length) and work into the hair. Wrap the saturated hair up into a bun and leave in for 30 minutes before showering.

4. A face mask - Take a generous amount of oil and apply it to your face, concentrating on dry patches. Message gently for a minute or so until skin begins to soften. Then take a wash cloth soaked in hot water and let it sit on your face until it gets cold. After the cloth is cool, use it to gently (without tugging on the skin) wipe away the oil. The oil from the mask cleanses and moisturizes the face, leaving you with soft, clean skin.

5. A body sugar scrub - Mix a few tablespoons of oil with organic sugar (organic sugar crystals tends to be larger, which is great for this) and use it for a body scrub in the bath or shower. I love this because it makes your legs and arms so soft.

6. Cuticle oil - Preferred over jojoba oil if nails need some serious moisturizing. This oil helps recondition dry cuticles. Also, feel free to use it on the entire nail surface to prevent chipping and peeling. Which can be caused by dehydration, drastic outdoor temperatures, or hot water drying out the nails, either from daily hand washing or over showering. The outgrowth of hair and nails is actually dead skin cells, so that's why they needed to be cared for to prevent future damage. Split or chipped nails cannot be mended, just like hair split ends. Just cut them off and care for them better next time.

7. Lip moisturizer - This is heavy duty for the winter months. It works out great on vacation as well, because most people have olive oil. So it's a great way to stay natural without having to pack an extra product if you're going to be staying with family or friends that wouldn't mind sharing.   

8. Ear infections - Olive oil has been used as a pain remedy for centuries, and ear infections is no exception. All you have to do is lie back and put a few drops of warm olive oil in your ear, wait five minutes, and then flip over to drain the oil back out. The oil is a pain reliever and acts as a lubricant to protect your outer ear wall.

9. For the bath - Just like jojoba oil, add 2-3 tablespoons to the bath to help heal dry skin. It's a bit more moisturizing, so I recommend this more for the winter months. 

10. The culinary arts - Of course! It's one of the best oils to use on raw foods, not only for it's rich flavor, but because of its many health benefits; specifically for the heart and cholesterol regulation. I use it cold on top of salads and a variety of other raw meals. A very little goes along way.

Olive oil is definitely a must have, because it's just so versatile. Give it a try!


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