Wednesday, August 10

Mole Plushy

Back in March a lovely lady named Jess commented on one of my illustrations called Nature's Domain. "This is beautiful. I wish I had a mole plushy just like that." said Jess. Well now, I think I can make that happen!

 Nature's Domain

A good friend of mine, Molly, happens to be a talented plushy artist, so we could totally work together to bring this little guy to life. Jess agreed that she was up for a commission and we got started right away.

We wanted to make him life-size, accurate to the original design in the painting. So we calculated that Mole should be 12.5 inches tall, based off of the Pan character. After that, I made a rough color model sheet of Mole for Molly so she could print it out and work off it in the correct scale.

Rough Model Sheet of Mole

Then it was all up to her! He roughly took three months to make and Molly posted her progress here:

Check Out The Making of Mole

So here he is! Jess even sent pictures. She says he's her little muse, and he loves his new home. Mole has even begun studying up on some writing theory. That's awesome news!

Mole Plushy

So again, I want to give a big thanks to Jess and Molly, because if it wasn't for them, Mole would have never been made. It was a dream come true to see my design come to life.