Wednesday, July 6

Tag! Again

5 Things That Make You Happy:

1. The wonderful people in my life
2. Sugar!
3. Kittehs
4. Pirates
5. Traveling

5 Things That Piss You Off:

1. Litter
2. My broken soap dispensers
3. Audio plosives
4. The hole in my new sock
5. Making a bad mistake that ruins a piece of artwork that I've worked so hard on

5 Songs That You Like Currently:

1. Tori Amos - Give
2. Tori Amos - Welcome to England
3. Tori Amos - Flavor
4. Tori Amos - Maybe California
5. Tori Amos - Curtain Call

5 Celebrity Crushes: (Really? No. How about "Inspired by")

1. Emma Watson
2. Keira Knightley
3. Natalie Portman
4. Johnny Depp
5. Anthony Kiedis

5 Fandoms:

1. Zelda
2. Final Fantasy
3. Pirates of the Caribbean
4. Harry Potter
5. Cosplay

5 Things That You Want:

1. To not die
2. My student loan paid off
3. To finish all of my unfinished artwork that needs to get done
4. To go on a cruise
5. For my hair to grow longer, thicker, and faster

So how about that upsetting soap dispenser? It will all be okay.


  1. haha i think that every girl wants long strong hair!!! i feel you!!!

  2. Yesh! Tis true. :3

  3. Hmmm.
    1. All my girls!
    2. Hulk comics
    3. DAiry Queen ice cream cake
    4. Bears
    5. Not mosquitos!

    I don't want to do the pissyouoff one. Too negative!

    Songs I love today:

    1. Debaser, Pixies
    2. Stadium Love, Metric
    3. Sex Bomb, Spinnerette
    4. The Stand, Mother Mother
    5. Paper Airplane, Buck 65 with Jenn Grant

    Celebreity inspirees/crushes?

    Hmm. I dunno. Lady Gaga for not giving a f*ck (and I think she's secretly Marilyn Manson who is also on this list). Umm. Pass!

    5 fandoms

    1. Star Wars
    2. lord of the rings
    3. Marvel universe
    4. Harry potter
    5. Game of Thrones (the HBO series is very faithful to the amazing books so far)

    things I want:
    1. For my kids not to die. Ever.
    2. For my kids not to hurt.
    3. For my kids to kick ass always!
    4. For my chopper to be done!
    5. Some things gotta stay secret!

  4. Ahhhh! jdsidjaoehirewncvncm! I'm so glad you commented. I was hoping you would. ^___^ Now I know so much about you. Hurray! Getting to know people is fun.

    Here are my thought:

    - Now I want a DQ ice cream cake. That sound evilly delicious.

    - I hear ya about the negative one, those were hard for me too.

    - I'm going to YouTube all of your music! XD "Stadium Love" is a great song.

    - Lady Gaga is Queen!

    - I should have figured Star Wars would be #1. heehee

    - Lastly, you are the sweetest thing. Thinking about your children like that. And secrets are good...

    :D Thanks so much again. You made my day.


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