Friday, July 8

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Eliina, a dear friend of mine, recommended a documentary to me called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, because she knows how much I love these kinds of films. It's been getting a lot of online buzz recently and I can see why. In a nut shell, it's about a man named Joe, who starts eating right and loses weight. No surprise there. He drinks only juice for 60 days, travels around the US meeting people along the way, and shares his experience with others. It's a little gimmicky, (Joe relieves he's a business man and that's definitely reflected in the film) but entertaining none the less.

I have not used my blender in a few months and would love to start making blended juice again. Eliina must have known that I needed a good kick in the ass, because this film couldn't have come at a better time. So I'm going to load up on fruits & veggies at the farmer's market this weekend and get back into it right away. I'm not quite ready for a juice fast, but incorporating more homemade juice is a must.

Here's the trailer and YouTube channel: 
(The film can be found on Netflix)

The Website:

Also, I can't wait to try some of these:

Happy movie watching!


  1. Wow Claudia this movie was great. I've juice and water fasted 6 times the longest being for 28 days. It's been years though since I have though, and this motivated me to go again, I mint even do this 60 day. I usually water fast for the long ones so it gets scary toward the end, but I could definitely juice the whole time. Thanks


  2. Hey AndryW,

    That sounds cool. :D You totally should and you'll have to let me know how it goes. I have been having juice for breakfast or dinner, but not a full fast.


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