Wednesday, July 13

Done With Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Remembering back on this film, it was my least favorite at the time because it felt like the "middle" of something. It wasn't a standalone experience like the other four stories could be considered. If a new viewer watched this with no Harry Potter background, they would probably be like "what the hell just happened."

But reading the book and rewatching the film has given me a new appreciation for it. It's dark, and really emo. After the end of Goblet of Fire, the stories just keep getting more sinister and therefore more adult. I liked that; because J.K. Rowling assumes that her audience can take it. We see the kids grow up. Even though they're not yet adults, the events force them to mature fast and it's fun to see how they deal with all of their problems, including typical teenage issues. Harry is so angry and bratty in this novel. It's great, because he's written like a real kid with real emotions and real problems; not a Gary Stu (but at times you just want to slap him for being so immature).

Speaking of slapping, we also have Dolores Umbridge. Now there's a character that gets under your skin. She's just so incredibly vile, passive aggressively taking advantage of her power as she giggles. I couldn't stand reading the chapter about Harry's hand. It was very upsetting to me, because I have a sensitivity about permanent scaring. To defile a child's hand like that is very disturbing. I've heard about how some actors and actresses get treated on the streets according to characters they play. In the extras Tom Felton (Draco) tells about how he sometimes gets the stinkeye from fans, so I wonder if people have given poor Imelda Staunton (Umbridge) any problems in real life. Apparently her colleagues say she's a big sweetheart.

Now I'm off to finish up the special features and move on to the next book, The Half-Blood Prince.



  1. Yeah there has seldom been a villain I've hated as much- usually I kind of cheer for the bad guys. But not her!

  2. Also- how is it that you made it all the way to 2011 without reading these books? Given that you seem like the kind of person whose alley this would be right up in

  3. Oh really? haha. Is it because you find the bad guys more interesting from a character standpoint?

    The reason it took me so long is because of college taking up a lot of my spare time in the past. I was so focused on schoolwork that whenever I read for leisure, it would be art books or how-to stuff.

    I also figured that the films would suffice because I'm a very visual person, usually preferring the adapted films to the books. But then I was given the first novel as a gift and have been reading one before the each film ever since. :D I love them!


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