Wednesday, July 27

Back from Vacation

Carin and I had an amazing week, and I was so overdue for a vacation that it felt nice to relax for a week. All work and no play makes Claudia a sad rabbit.

She flew in last Wednesday and we spent the first night chilling and eating. Mind you all of my diet rules went out the window again, but not to worry, I'm back on track and detoxing like mad. The second day we hit the city, and as always, I'm surprised by how much San Francisco has to offer. I just past my eight year moving-to-California anniversary and I was very nostalgic about hanging out in the city again.

The Golden Gate Bridge was our first stop, and we spent a good hour or so walking it, followed by a lovely meal at The Cliff House. After lunch, we explored Ocean Beach, something that I had never done to that extent before. We saw the caves, cliffs, forests, and ruins all covered in a thick, beautiful, eerie fog. When the cold was too overbearing, we drove to the Cheesecake Factory and watched the sun set over the city.

Then Friday was the day we took Carin to see Berkeley for the first time. Shattuck and Telegraph Avenues were a must, followed by a stop at a popular Ben & Jerry's. Mint Chocolate Chunk is one of my favorites. (See what I mean about the food? Haha, we we're so bad.) Lastly, I was super excited to stop in at the 100% Pure boutique and look at all of the organic beauty products. I ended up walking away with a carrot scrub that will replace my crappy chemical-filled cleanser.

The next day we chilled around my home gardens. I showed Carin the amenities, even though we didn't have time to swim in the pool because we ended up going to the neighborhood beach and marina instead. It's really close and we just spent the afternoon walking and chatting. That evening upon our return, we tried our hand at making some White Russians. I totally made them too strong, so I tried to fix it by added more secondary ingredients until we each had a ridiculously large glass full. Let's just say that was fun. I also experimented with some Sour Apple Pucker and vodka, adding that to apple juice. It was a decent attempt at an Appletini. Shortly after drinks, we got all dolled up and headed over (we didn't drive) to the MatrixFillmore, where we spent the night dancing, people watching, and sipping Carin's favorite drink, Chambord Lemonade.

Sunday we went back to SF for more adventures. Japantown was first on the list because Carin had never been to a place quite like it. We enjoyed spending the day entertained by all the cool shops and restaurants; stopping in at our favorite ramen place for lunch, and purchasing some vanilla mochi ice cream for dessert. Sadly, Carin didn't like the mochi and only ate the ice cream. She said it's texture was too gooey and reminded her of squid! Silly girl. I think she just saw one too many squid tentacle snacks on the store shelves. Lastly, we headed over to Golden Gate Park to walk around a bit, see the carousel and Hippie Hill; shorty retiring after walking down to Haight and Asbury.

Our last full day was spent entirely in the Muir Woods, and oh was it beautiful. I was a little upset by how many people there were though. It was a zoo, but got better after the crowds disappeared in different directions throughout the woods. I just always thought that my first experience would be a quiet, tranquil visit; so that was a little disappointing. However, I did overhear that it was better to go in December because you have the whole place to yourself. Despite all that, the forest was magnificent and I will never forget my first time seeing the beautiful redwoods. We would have stayed longer but the sun was setting and the park was closing, so we bid adieu to the woods and went on our way.

There you have it, that was pretty much the entire week. I miss Carin already, but I guess that's to be expected. I can't believe summer's almost over. Where did it go? August is right around the corner.