Saturday, June 4

Just Say No to Soap and Shampoo?

This article has been buzzing around the interwebs today and I wanted to share it with you as well. I find it absolutely fascinating, and totally agree with his findings.

Here's the article:

In a nutshell - Chemicals are harmful for your body and they disrupt it's natural balance.  I've been telling others this for years now. So much, that my sisters like to call me "Hippie Claudia." (Thanks girls, love you too) It's true though! Ever since I started to cut a back on soap (I now use a vegetable soap), I noticed how soft my skin is. I haven't done the shampoo thing yet, but I'm eager to try that now too. My shampoo, is not that bad though. It's organic and is made out of semi-good ingredients. I'm sure there's something in it that would make me cringe. *Goes to get shampoo* Like what the hell is PHENOXYETHANOL? Oh, that's just great. It's a immunotoxin that can cause allergies and is apparently restricted for cosmetic use in Japan. So I just can't wait to put that on my head again.

How about your products? Put your shampoo or soap to the test. Here's a link to Cosmetics Database were you can find out what's in your lovely products.

Neurotoxins, carcinogens, developmental and reproductive toxins, etc. Oh my, those all sound delightful.

So what do you think? Is it time to just let your body do what it does best? Think about how beautiful that concept is, because half of the time we are causing our own problems. Like mentioned in the article, when you were a child did your parents make you slather on all of those things? No probably not, they were just happy that you made contact with the water.