Tuesday, June 21

Finally Got Around to TRON: Legacy

What an amazing film, at least from an art standpoint. (Not including some of the weird Jeff Bridges' face replacement stuff.)  I'm actually surprised by how long it took me to get around to watching this. I was super excited about it last year when I saw the bike at E3, planned on being at the theater for opening day, and then just forgot about it. Funny how that happens sometimes, because work just doesn't let up.

TRON Bike at E3 2010

I absolutely loved the art direction. Everything about it was amazing. The gorgeous complementary blue and orange, amongst a stark black and white palette - Brilliant! And the minimalistic architecture, product, and vehicle design was some of the best I've seen. I love how some of the set pieces married classic props with extreme modern design, such as Flynn's quarters: seen here. I wish my home looked like that, because I'm a sucker for modern minimalism.

Then you have the costumes and the makeup artistry, which was just as impressive. Every design reflected the characters perfectly. The contrast between the users and the programs was very apparent; keeping the programs very robotic in comparison to the humans, with a slight geek-chic 80's vibe to them. If you're interest in more makeup, here's Rosalina Da Silva's (makeup department head) breakdown for Quorra:

Lastly, oh my my... the music! Daft Punk's involvement made me so happy. Here's fun clip that was full of fan-service: Club Scene featuring Daft Punk's Derezzed. Who does that? Haha, let's just rock out as our club gets attacked. All in good fun, right?

Happy movie watching!