Wednesday, June 8

The 4-Hour Body - Is It Working?

So it took along time for me to finish The 4-Hour Body by author Tim Ferriss because I wanted to absorb it like a sponge. Not necessarily because all of the things in the book applied to me (they definitely didn't), but because I wanted to become knowledge about the subjects nonetheless.

Tim's first book, The 4-Hour Workweek was amazing and it's truly what inspire me to take my first steps as a YouTuber and blogger. Everything in that book was golden, and I learned so much from it. Unfortunately, that was not the case for The 4-Hour Body. This was definitely a man's book. All about the crazy things that one can do; like setting records, lifting a bazillion pounds, becoming a great baseball hitter, running a marathon, sexy tips for the ladies, etc. It's a nice entertaining read, but doesn't apply to the average person that just wants to spruce up their body a bit.

However, a lot of good did come from it. Here's the things that I've implemented:

The Slow Carb Diet - The biggest thing for me was switching to organic brown eggs, lean turkey bacon, and vegetables for breakfast. Which replaced my steel-cut oats, because the slow carb diet suggested cutting out all grains and fruit. I agree with the grains/processed carbohydrates, and for the most part have cut them out completely, but I don't agree with cutting out fruit because it's a vital part of our diet.

Here's my breakfast. Not the best, but a work in progress.

Also, I was petrified by the thought of what eggs could do to me. Aren't they bad? Too much cholesterol and all? Well I figured it was better than processed oats, but it's a middle ground for sure.

Eating 30 Minutes to an Hour After Waking - Apparently your body is ready to absorb the most nutrients from your food right after one wakes up in the morning. So it is key to eat around that time.

Lemon Juice, Garlic, Cinnamon, and Cayenne Pepper Help Burn Fat - I've learned this from other sources as well, but it was a good reminder to add all of these wonderful spices to foods for a little extra fat burning power.

Ice Packs, Drinking Ice Water, Cold Showers/Ice Baths, and Cold Temperatures Help Burn Fat - The example used in the book was that athletic swimmers have amazing bodies because they're working out in cold water for hours at a time. This makes a lot of sense, because one's body has to work to maintain it's body temperature, therefore burning fat like mad to stay warm. So trying these things can work wonders.

Exercising Before and After Meals - I do a 10 minute exercise routine before and after meals to get the metabolism up and running, so that the meals can be burned off faster.

Being Aware of Your Measurements - Writing down measurements so that you can see their progress over time is very important. If there is nothing recorded, how can you see if you're making progress? One thing that I did try was the "do nothing and still get results test." At the beginning of the book there was this guy that lost weight by just being conscious of it alone and taking down his numbers. With no lifestyle changes what so ever. He charts his weight every day and just like magic he sheds the pounds like mad. So I had to try it! Weight is not something I'm working on, but my waist measurements are. I've plateaued with 24" being my best measurement for years now, so I tried the experiment with my waist. Doing nothing different at all, except the fact that I was conscious about the my measurements, and writing them down every morning after waking. And this is what happened... Absolutely nothing.


The only thing that I can think happened is that it's way easier to lose weight at the beginning than that last stubborn inch. So in my case it didn't apply, and I'm still trying to reach my goal of 23-23.5 inches. I was 23" in high school and my mother was too. Please don't think I'm mad; I'm just tiny and love to take really good care of my body. It's my temple.

Sleeping/Naps - I do not agree with taking a bunch of small 20 minute naps throughout the day and not sleeping at night. That's just insane. However, I did find the "Siesta" option more intriguing. In which one takes a 20 minute nap mid day so they can shave off an hour of sleep at night. So I have been taking one 25 minute nap (5 extra minutes to fall asleep) at 6pm everyday and it's working out good. In total, I only sleep 7 hours instead of my usual 8. Napping mid day can also improve brain functionally, read more about it here: The Science of Siesta: Research Finds That Napping Improves Brain Functioning. Also note that this did take about 2 weeks to get use to though.

Barefoot Walking - One thing that I LOVE about freelancing from my home studio is that I don't have to torture myself by wearing shoes all day long. Be free little toes! Don't get me wrong, I own some beautiful high heels, but it feels great to only wear them on special occasions. Wearing shoes in general has become a  special occasion for me.

Like my 30 second drawing?

Over time our feet conform to the shape of our shoes and there was a great picture in the book, that I so beautifully replicated, to show a foot that's been in a shoe all of it's life (the western business man) and a foot of a tribes person that has never worn shoes (which are similar to a baby's foot that has not been harmed by shoes) By going barefoot more often, one can improve their balance and prevent many back, leg, and foot injures caused by a lifetime of wearing shoes.

The Value Self-Experimentation - You know yourself best and it's important to do your own experiments. Try different healthy foods and exercises. Write down all of your findings. Take the things that you've learned and test them out one by one to see the results. Take advantage of the time and freedom to prove things work for you personally.

Overall the only real improvements I've noticed so far is my clear complexion and the maintenance of my current figure. So there are some small changes, but it definitely took longer than 4-Hours.

Cheers and here's to happy, healthy living!
♡ Claudia