Monday, May 9

A Wonderful Little Organic Restaurant in South Park

A few weeks back my friends and I got together in SF to chill and have some food. Still til this day, I love that there is always something new to discover in this city, despite the fact that I have lived here for so long. I find it rather whimsical how often it happens too, and South Park is a perfect example that.

I never even knew it was there! And was very excited as I followed my frolicking friend (yes, she frolics, and it's awesome) down the sidewalk, as we arrived at our destination. Nestled quietly between Second, Third, Bryant, and Brannan streets, it's a beautiful little grove full of fun things to do: shops, a play area for children and pets, restaurants, etc.

We were there for something very specific though: The Butler & The Chef Bistro. An authentic french cafe that our friends were just dying to take us to. This is why I love the city! Everything about the experience was just fantastic; the kind waitress even tried teaching me a bit of French. Isn't learning fun? :)

So I highly recommend this place if any of you have some time to spend in San Francisco. The food is amazing, the atmosphere is delightful, and the people are so kind. Take a few good hours to just enjoy the experience.

"All of our dishes are made fresh daily using the finest fresh, local, organic, and/or imported ingredients money can buy."

Cheers and here's to good food!

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