Friday, May 27

Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - Oh my! Oh Yes!

This new trailer makes me happy beyond what anyone could possibly imagine. That is, Ocarina of Time really shaped my childhood and I'm happy to see this new footage for the revamped new 3D version. I remember the way I felt as a teen while playing the original game. It was magic; everything about it was just perfect to me. I wanted to be in that world of Hyrule, and experience all of those adventures over and over again. I can't even guess how many hours I spent in that universe. Perhaps that's why I love and yearn for adventure in my real life. It's all Zelda's doing. (That, and later Final Fantasies) It's one of the main reasons I'm involved in the video game industry today as well.

So Nintendo you better not screw this up! You're messing with my childhood. Kidding, kidding (only kinda)! One thing I did noticed from the trailer was that the secondary characters (like Sheik and the Great Fairy) don't look as polished as Link. That inconsistency is a bit disappointing already, because I thought that there was going to be an overhaul on everything.

Here's the First Japanese Trailer:

Look out for it on June 19th.

What's interesting to me though, is that I still don't want to buy a 3DS. They are so expensive, and I just don't need to own one. I wish I could just borrow it from the library or something. Or perhaps I could just borrow it from someone that's willing to let me keep it for some time.

Best and happy gaming,

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