Wednesday, May 4

Eat Pray Love Review

I watched Eat Pray Love over the weekend and found it to be rather intriguing; even though I've heard a lot of people didn't like it and said that the book was better. The main reason I liked it was because I related to the main character Liz.

I have an insatiable urge to travel and explore different cultures. It's kind of been my new dream. I want to see the world, and sometimes I feel like I am just stuck at home. What makes it even worst, is that my friends are very well traveled, and return to tell me all of their wonderful stories. Of course, I am very excited for them and love to hear about their adventures. It's just that I want those experiences as well. As an artist, it would help me grow in ways that I probably can't even imagine.

Unlike the main character, I'm not wealthy and can't just buy three tickets to run away for a year. I've heard stories about how some people saw this movie, got inspired, broke the bank paying for a similar trip only to come back to problems and debt. I'm not like that. If I don't have it, I don't spend it. So instead, I'm stuck on the couch watching movies or documentaries about these places; just dreaming about the day I'll be able to go.

However, in the meantime, I believe that one can enjoy what they have around their home and the little adventures we go on every day. For instance, I had some mini adventures today. I got to see one of the Alameda bridges go up for the very first time, to let a lovely sailboat pass underneath it. I also saved a birdie from being killed by a cat. It was cornered on my patio, and I had no intention for letting nature run it's course this time. The cat was well fed and would probably kill it just for fun. So that birdie got away today, and it felt good.

So overall, yes, the movie is worth watching if you think that you would relate to it. I did, and sure had a lot to reflect upon after seeing it.

Happy movie watching!

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