Friday, April 29

They Cut Down the Trees...

Yesterday, I decided to go on a walk through our gardens and down to the beach like I normally do. It had been about a week ago since I had last gone, because it has been rather cold outside.

And that's when I noticed it... The landscapers had cut down so many of my beloved trees. It was awful finding tree stump after tree stump; I quickly grew quite sad and angry seeing all of them like that. I have no idea why they did it. The trees were not in the way of anything. No power-lines that were far more important to some company; no tree roots growing into someones house. It made no sense to me.

 Sad Trees

The last straw, was when I reached my favorite tree, the tree that I showed to all of my visitors. "There it is! That's my favorite one," I would tell people. I was even inspired to paint this same tree in a very special piece of artwork and took numerous photos of it. There was just something so beautiful about the way that it arched over the walkway, ancient and gnarled, but still incredibly inviting.

My heart sank when I found it.

Trees are so timeless and symbolic, so destroying them is upsetting. Some of these trees were big too. Can you imagine how long it took for them to grow? Decades, for sure. I felt like Neytiri from Avatar after they cut down her Hometree. Even though these people didn't destroy my home, they destroyed a part of it.

Thanks for listening,


  1. It's foolish that people are cutting down trees in urban areas. (In many places on this planet, it is illegal to just chop'em down as we see here.) You have my sympathies.

  2. Maybe they had a blight and they had to to protect the other trees? Otherwise I don't see why they would just do that.

  3. Thanks Nathan.

    Perhaps that's the case. I hope they plant some baby trees in their place though. That would be nice.

  4. Thanks Anonymous, I wish I could have done something about it.


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