Wednesday, April 27

Sugar's Effect On Your Health

 "Listen attentively. You will come out ahead in the next few days." - Fortune Cookie

This UCSF lecture is a must watch for anyone that is curious about what processed sugar does to one's body. In short, a diet abundant in refined sugar is causing a lot of our modern health issues.

Watch the Video Here:

Now, this is why I cut the white sugar out and only consume natural sugars like fruit, maple syrup, and honey. Homemade smoothies are great too, because they will supply you with the needed fiber and vitamins as well as the sugar. The reason being is that the whole plant goes into the blender, unlike a juicer which separates the juice (fructose) from the fiber. This can be beneficial if one needs to lose a lot of weight or are trying to recover from disease. The body gets a pure dose of carbohydrates and nutrients from the fresh juice and doesn't need to use energy to digest the fiber like in the smoothies. Also, this lecture inspired me to eat more raw food. I'm doing my best with addictions, which can take a little getting used to, but I love it now.

Love from Claudia

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