Tuesday, April 19

Mortal Kombat Midnight Release

As the title suggests, I went to my local GameStop to pick up the pre-release of Mortal Kombat at midnight. Which is always fun. Of course they had a bunch of people there and the game was demoed, so we could all play as we waited in line. Prior to the event, my partner traded in a ton of games, so this one was kinda like a freebie for him.

First off, let me be quiet clear: This game is yucky... with a capital YUK. So you're probably like, "Why the hell did you buy it then?" I didn't, he did.

Taken at E3 last year; perhaps it was a warning.

This will definitely be a love/hate relationship for me. I absolutely love the old games, but can't stand the new realistic next-gen violence. So stick around, because I'll give this a proper review in the weeks to come.

Cheers and happy gaming.

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