Wednesday, April 20

Indie Hit Aqualux - BlackBerry Playbook Launch Title

SOOOOOO! I'm super excited to reveal this finally. A game that I worked on shipped yesterday for the new BlackBerry Playbook.


"It's official.  Milkman Games is very excited to announce that Aqualux is live on Blackberry App World.  We've done a major overhaul for this release- all the art has been repainted in HD, there's a new storybook mode, (That's me! Hurray!) some beautiful voice acting, and much more!  If you've gotten your hands on a Playbook already, head on over to Blackberry App World and pick it up!"

"Aqualux follows the story of a girl name Lux, who together with her Persian cat Oliver, embarks on a journey to restore color to the world of dreams. Players will swap, twist, and teleport a flow of goo over 100 brain-challenging layouts of colorful tubes while unlocking the secrets of Lux's slumber. Aqualux became available on the Mac and PC early last year." - Milkman Games

So give it some love and go check it out!
Oliver the Kitteh is totally my favorite. KeeKeeKee

Happy gaming,

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