Wednesday, April 6

Fascinating! - 7 Basic Things You Won't Believe You're All Doing Wrong

I bet everyone could learn a little something from this article. The writing is extremely humorous (especially the photo captions) and they source all of their references in red. Which is great, because I always like to research the topics more.

Get all the goodness here:

So now I'm going to try to implement these tips more into my daily routines. Especially the #1 thing: Sitting for too long. As an artist, I sit at my desk way too often and I need learn how to adapt. Does anyone out there do the whole standing desk thing?

Anywho, read it and let me know what you think!
Love from Claudia


  1. I absolutely positively love I read their new articles almost weekly. My favorite ones have to be "The 10 most Important things they didn't teach in school" and "6 Important things you didn't know we are running out of" For warning on the second one.... Hersey's might become as expensive as a gallon of gas.

  2. Hi Nathan!

    Yeah, is great. I totally remember reading "6 Important things you didn't know we are running out of," which I found really sad. Because run out of things is never good. I told all my friends about that chocolate thing too! heehee

    Is that also the article that taked about Hersey's not being able to call themselves "chocolate" anymore because their products don't contain any real chocolate? I remember reading that somewhere too.

    Haha! And the other one is great as well. I love how they talk about serious issues, but in a humorous way. It makes retaining the info easier. :)


  3. Reading about the limited amount of Tequila made my cry a little inside. I must start stock piling it, I'll be investing in tequila like gold. Then I'll sell for the highest bidder at auctions and make lots of money! Or I'll just drink it all to myself and be a tequila miser.

  4. Haha! Hi Nathan. You're silly. I do agree about the tequila as well. I never knew how long it took for agave to be harvested. It's good to know that something we take for granted is so delicate and fragile.

    That's why I love those articles, aside from the fact that they are so damn funny, I learn a ton from them.

    Cheers, (tequila anyone... just kidding)


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