Wednesday, March 2

"10 Films in 10 Days" Project

Recently I have been inspired by a good friend of mine to watch more films. As an artist, I feel like it's important to have a good understanding of this medium. Just so that one is knowledgeable about the craft. Not only that, but I'm so curious about these movies! I always told myself I would get around to it, but unfortunately, never found the time for them. Until now.

I created this little project to inspire me to watch the films that I've always wanted to see. No more excuses! I will watch 10 Films in 10 Days. So stick around and I will report back each day and review my experience.

Here are my picks - In chronological order:

A Fistful of Dollars - 1964

Barbarella - 1968

Alien - 1979

Flash Gordon - 1980

Sixteen Candles - 1984

Clerks - 1994

The Rock - 1996

Unbreakable - 2000

Ocean's Eleven - 2001

Catch Me If You Can - 2002

Cheers and happy movie watching,

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