Saturday, March 5

10 Films in 10 Days Project - Day Three : Alien

"I'm okay. I just slipped." - Kain

Alien - 1979

EEEK! I always forget how much nerve it takes me to watch films like this! This movie was scary! Oh my, it certainly held up over the years. I'm glad that I had my blanket and pillow to protect me from the terrifying alien. I couldn't help hiding for some parts, even though throughout the years this movie has been spoiled for me. Including the other films in the Alien franchise, because I saw them backwards. Starting with 4, then 2 and now finally this one, the first. So I knew that certain characters would be okay and that gave me comfort, but as for the others... well... yeah....

If these types of films stick with you, I don't recommend seeing it. Even though some of the alien bits were a little comical. For instance, one can tell that it's just some guy standing around in an alien suit when they do long shots. And when the chestburster runs off, he's just like "WEEE! I'm skating, lalala", I laughed so hard. Aside from that, the directing, editing, and music are still very suspenseful.

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