Tuesday, March 8

10 Films in 10 Days Project - Day Six : Clerks

"Da Duh, Da Duh, Da Duh DA DUH. Salsa shark!" - Randal

Clerks - 1994

I love Kevin Smith, I really do. So it was nice to finally see the film that started his career. I have seen all of his other ones, so it was about time! Admittedly, you can tell that this is his first film though. The pacing is a bit slow and in some parts it sounds like the actors are reading the dialogue straight off the script.

Other than that, I really enjoyed myself. The characters are great. Not too likable for various reasons, (especially Dante because of his feeble nature) but memorable and humorous none the less. My absolute favorite being Jay and Silent Bob, I always love their scenes and of course I couldn't get enough of Kevin's witty, unique writing style. That is always fun!

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