Wednesday, March 9

10 Films in 10 Days Project - Day Seven : The Rock

"It's you. You're the rocket man." - Stanley

The Rock - 1996

This is the only film on my list that I didn't know much about at all. Other than the fact that it starred Sean Connery, that it was awesome and highly recommended; I was going in blind. 

Well last night, when I went to put the movie in, I realized that it was rated R for strong violence. I don't do well with that, specifically when the film takes place in present day, and not a sci-fi or fantasy setting. It's more real to me. So there were a lot of things that grossed me out, not only the violence but the subtext of the film as well. Specially the military complex and unjust treatment of people. Why can't we just all get along? It seemed kinda odd that the government wouldn't pay the ransom, but instead, was ready to blow up all of those people. Blah. Money is never worth someones life. But then again, I guess you wouldn't have a movie if they did that.

Another thing was that I LIVE in the San Francisco Bay Area! So it's kinda weird, because I just saw Alcatraz Island about a week ago. Spooky! Again, it's just a film, but I could not help but be reminded about real world issues.

Other than that, it's quite a ride. There is plenty of action-packed Michael Bay moments. Explosions, guns, car chases, oh my! It reminded me of a video game in some parts. I even believe that Modern Warfare 2 was inspired by it for a few bits.