Sunday, March 6

10 Films in 10 Days Project - Day Four : Flash Gordon

"Flash, FLASH!  Flash I love you, but we only have fourteen hours to save the Earth!" - Dale

Flash Gordon - 1980

Wow, this was a campy movie, but not in the fun type of way. I was actually a little disappointed with this one. I'm sure nostalgia plays a huge role in why people are still fond of this film today. So I can understand why seeing it as a child would have been cool, but unfortunately, that ship has sailed for me. I just could not connect with it in any way. The whole film felt generic.

The music, on the other hand, was the only awesome thing. I found it amusing that I could remember almost all of the lines from the Queen song "Flash", including all of the dialogue from the film. Despite the fact that this was the first time I had seen it. Nostalgia had won me over. The reason being, was because my aunt made my sisters and me an amazing Queen mixed tape when we were little girls. That song being one of the favorites.

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