Thursday, March 10

10 Films in 10 Days Project - Day Eight : Unbreakable

"You should never do anything like this. You know that right?" - David

Unbreakable - 2000

I loved this film. It had me from the very beginning. The pacing and directing is excellent, I definitely noticed all of the creative framing, camera positions, movements, etc. Well done, indeed!

Not only that, but the characters were memorable and real. Especially David, it was fun to see him grow throughout the film and recognize his true potential. It also made me curious about people like that in real life. I wonder if there are people like David, that can sense things? I am reminded of Stan Lee's Superhumans, were his team goes around the world to find people with crazy abilities. So in a way, yes, superhumans do exist, and that's a cool thought to ponder on.

Even the twist at the end, which I wasn't expecting at all, was a neat little "Oh, crap" moment. So I highly recommend watching this. It's one of M. Night Shyamalan's stronger films.

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