Saturday, January 1

New Year's Resolutions

"You are thought to be the most charming character in the world." - Fortune Cookie

As I sit here in my studio with my lovely glass of champagne it is hard to believe that 2011 is already here. For me, this is a time of deep reflection. (I'm sure it is for most) To think back on the past and recall all the wonderful events. All the things that were learned, amazing travels, good food & fellowship, and above all else, how much one grows over a year.

So enough about the past, how about the present! Which leads me to the New Year's Resolutions. Mine are simple and common, but nevertheless, important to fulfill.  It's always nice to have something to concentrate on and to share with others. That way, it's easier to maintain and remain focused. So please, if you have anything to share, I welcome it. What are your resolutions this year?

My New Year's Resolutions:

- To focus more attention on my creative outlets: I have a lot of ideas for art, videos, writing, etc. I would love to get some of those out of my head and into the world.
    - I need to work on my measurements and weight. An inch here and a few pounds there need to go. I love being very fit. So Dance Central here I come!
      - Crack down on bad ingredients/foods that I don't want to eat or topically apply to my body anymore. Some foods include: starches, sugars, and sodium. Some ingredients that I want to minimize or eradicate are: talc, fragrance, parabens, and sulfates.   
        - Travel, travel, travel. I would love to do more. The world is my playground!
          - Stop stressing. It really needs to stop and learning how to recognize stress when it starts affecting me and not after the fact would be great.
            - And last but not least, spend more time with family and friends. One can never get enough of that!

              Again, I wish all of you a Happy New Year and the best of luck.
              ♡ Claudia