Friday, May 28

One and One and One and One...

Myself, Claudia, as the White Queen from Alice in Wonderland.

Wow, first off, this painting took so long to complete. 20+ hours using Photoshop, and I had a lot of fun with it (I would absolutely love to wear something like this; the costume, wig, makeup, contact lens, etc.).

I wanted to do something completely original. So I redesigned the entire look of the Queen, but stayed true to her eccentric personally. Sadistically plucking petals off her roses was just the thing to contrast her beautiful appearance. Alas, everyone is mad in Wonderland. So I played with that concept, giving her a feral stare with her yellow eyes and an overtly theatrical pose.

I hope that you enjoy my take on the character and if anyone gets the title, you are awesome!

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