Thursday, December 9


Late last evening I watched a fascinating Natural Geographic documentary on Netflix called Stress: Portrait of a Killer. I think that this really ties in to "positive thinking" from a scientific viewpoint. Basically, stress can kill you. It physically deteriorates one's body. I have really really been trying to do better myself. :) Especially around the holiday season. Remember, just take a deep breath and let things be. (Easier said than done, Claudia!) Please feel free to share any tips & tricks. How do you deal with stress?

Here's a link to the video on YouTube, if Netflix is not an option:

 (A six part series) 

Happy movie watching.


  1. A few things I like to do include:

    Slow your breathing and feel your pulse, while concentrating on the feeling of when it is slower. You may find that it will follow your thoughts.

    Try drinking a little water or juice. Putting something good in your body is a positive experience, so that may release good chemicals in your brain, like serotonin.

    Get up and step away from the source for a bit. Walking also seems to help me. Moving and observing Nature stimulates different part of the mind, and can sometimes bring about solutions, if you are stressed to find answers.
    Also, just being in the presence of Nature should be a peaceful experience, so finding a calm place to sit and do any of the previous things can be great, too.

    I absolutely agree that stress can accelerate aging, and even kill. It's been a difficult road getting there myself, but reducing my reaction to stress has been well worth it. Humans, as we are, will always have emotions like anger and be susceptible to stress, but it can be overcome.

    I hope this helps Claudia, late as it may be.

    Druid Aaron

  2. Oh wow! Thank you Druid Aaron. They're wonderful tips indeed. I would love to go outside more then ever right now. :) That sounds lovely.

    <3 Claudia


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