Monday, November 8

Bayonetta: Late to the Party

 "Let's rock, Baby!"

I finally got around to playing Bayonetta and beat it in like three days. This game is Love Love Love! It was so much fun that I played until 6am in the morning. Which is crazy for me, because sleep is a must!

I first played it when it debuted at E3 two years back and totally fell in love, which took me by surprise because I didn't know what to expect. The gameplay was really compelling and streamlined. (Extra points for the Sega's cosplayer as well) The only reason it took me so long to pick up was that I didn't want to buy the game for $60. I rarely do that, and luckily Cheap Ass Gamer advertised some recent deals that couldn't be overlooked.

So here are my thoughts about the game:


- Bayonetta is such an amazing character design, despite the odd proportions. All of the characters and enemies are really great. They inspire me to create!

- Love the campy and sexually overt dialog. It was too awesome and made me laugh.

- Witches (second to pirates) are an absolute favorite of mine. So thumb's up for the Art Direction.

- The music was really fun and memorable. Very Japanese and it reminded me of Katamari Damacy a little bit.

- The gameplay is epic! The Jeanne battles were by far the best. Super fast reflexes are a must for the last encounter, and even though I didn't beat her the first time, I was super proud when I did. I could feel my little heart pounding when I was done.

- I'm glad that one didn't have to do any RPG-like activities, like talking to towns people or other monotonous exploration that would feel tacked on. The game was a good length and didn't feel like it drug on for too long.

- There is a new game plus and all your goodies carry over.

- Love the art assets that one unlocks at the end, including the model viewer. The models are absolutely stunning and I spent a ton of time going through them all.

- Above all else, the game is FUN.


- The game is majorly Seizure-rific. My eyes hated me after playing this one. The fast motion and flashing lights in some sequences gave me a good headache.

- Some of the mini games were torture. Like the one at the end with the guns...BLAH and the arcade shooters.

- It seemed like some of the big bosses were a bit overused. Perhaps creating others, instead of having so many repeats would have been nice.

- The story was a bit confusing at times.

- I wasted my halos on weapon alts at the beginning of the game because I thought that they were totally new weapons. Perhaps that was my fault, but it wasn't clear to me. From then on, I felt a little under powered because I didn't have enough to spend on other cool things. Buying them could have been saved for later down the line or for new game plus.

The pros definitely out way the cons on this one. So go play Bayonetta, if not already. If you did play it, what  were some things that you liked or disliked?

Happy gaming,

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