Tuesday, September 7

FFXIV - Getting Started & Character Creation

So I have spent a few days now playing the FFXIV open beta and I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions of it thus far.

Getting everything set up was a big headache. Not only setting up the game, but having the space and the specs to even play. I did not have the best experience and I can see a lot of people really having a hard time with this. Without my knowledge for games and computers, (Or my partner's help for that matter) I don't think I would have figured it out. I guess Square Enix just assumed that the average consumer would be fine. Nope. 

Then trying to get into the beta was crazy. The website was always busy or down. I couldn't even play until the second day. Continuously trying around the clock to get a key. The experience was terrible. Hopefully this will help them improve in time for the real game.

After I was in, my opinions changed of course. I started playing with the character creator and I forgot about most of those previous hassles.

It was so much fun! I spent two days straight making characters and taking screenshots. I made sooooo many. As most of you might know, Akihiko Yoshida is the art director and I absolutely love his work. So playing with this diverse character creator was really fun and impressive. A character concept artist's dream!

So after hours of playing with creation, I settled on a character roughly based on my looks, or at least as close as I could get it with the assets provided.


Here are my stats:
Claarin Bunansa - Elezen - Wildwood female
Gridania - Rabanastre

Archer - 12th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Guardian - Nophica, the Matron

Overall, I'm having a blast and plan on playing as much as I can before it closes. After I experience a bit more of the game I'll write again. Until then, happy gaming, and let me know if you are playing!


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