Thursday, August 5

Blog Feature: Encouraging Ideas

Hello Everyone! So I wanted to tell you all about my younger sister's wonderful new blog called:

Encouraging Ideas

Carla is a great writer and I find myself continuously visiting her page for advice on all sorts of things like stress relief and other positive thinking techniques. 

Because the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, Carla and I have similar views & opinions on how to make life a good one. So I view her posts as a constant reminder to keep living life to the fullest and enjoy every second of it! I am sure that most people want the same thing.

So go check it out. I highly recommend it.
Tell her that Claudia sent ya! I'm sure that it will brighten her day.



  1. well hey claudia, that was very nice and thoughtful of you to write about me. what a nice surprise. :) thank you for all the nice things you said, and i am glad you enjoy reading my entries.

  2. Of course!

    You are most welcome, I absolutely love your blog.


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