Tuesday, April 6

WonderCon 2010

WonderCon was fun this year, as usual. I always get a kick out of meeting talented people and seeing old friends.

This year was no exception, with the Peter S. Beagle panel being the highlight of my experience. I really loved hearing him speak. He is such a great storyteller and truly a gifted person! His words made me smile ear to ear and I could listen to his wonderful stories all day long.

After the panel, I spoke with him and he kindly signed my The Last Unicorn book. I told him about how his work has inspired me and that I was only 4 years old when I started becoming obsessed with The Last Unicorn film. Or at least I hope that is the message I delivered, because I still get a bit nervous when I meet people that I really admire.  He was nice to me though and told me that he has never met or signed a book for a Claudia, and that he really liked my name.  I will NEVER forget that. Again, thanks Peter. If you ever read this, it was wonderful meeting you.

Let’s see, I also got to meet some snazzy R2D2s. They were so adorable and apparently the creator told me it took 7 year to construct! They were truly amazing because they lite up, could speak (beepbupbeadup) and were remote controlled so they could roll around all cute. I just wanted to hug them all day long.

Also!! I got to finally meet Dan the creator of Mr. Toast and he was awesome! As some of you might know, I have a Toast. And he is the nicest Toast in all the land. Charles, a good friend of mine, (and Mr. Toast animator) gave him to me and Toast has been loved ever since. So yes,
it was very cool to meet Dan.

See you next year!


  1. Man, I didn't know Mr. Toast was there! WonderCon went well for me. . I sold several of my art prints :)

  2. Miss Char! I'm sad now that I didn't see you there. I would have said hi and gave you a big hug.

    That's awesome that your prints did well.


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