Sunday, April 25

My Beautiful Little Palm

I got another plant this week in honor of Earth Day and I am sooo happy! It's a Kentia Palm (also commonly known as the Thatch Palm). The tree is only native to Lord Howe Island (Oh how I would love to go there), which is off the east coast of Australia. So, obviously I had to name it appropriately. I chose Kiah (K-EYE-UH), an Australian name meaning: "from the beautiful place."

Kiah's already so big. About 4' or so, but because of our high ceiling, I'm hoping that it has plenty of room to grow nice and tall. It will be like an Oasis in the bedroom. Hurray for that.

If any of you have any advice on how to care for this type of palm, definitely leave a comment and let me know. I want to do my best to keep it healthy and happy.


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