Friday, March 5

Tim’s Alice

“Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
- My favorite line from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Well this movie was fun, but I wish I hadn’t seen it in 3D. After watching Avatar, nothing else really compares. So I’m not going to see a 3D film unless the movie was made for it.

First off, the art was specular. It was everything I hoped a Tim Burton Alice in Wonderful would be. Full of color when needed, but overall it still had that dark edgy beauty that Burton films are so famous for.

Another thing that I noticed quite often and was continuously impressed with was the awesome compositions. The shots were very thought-out and fun to look at. Truly inspiring.

Then there was the acting. Which was wonderful as well and I really enjoyed all of the performances. Particularly Anne Hathaway’s White Queen (apparently her performance was based on Debbie Harry from Blondie). Every time she floated around the screen being all dreamy it made me giggle. I could just imagine someone acting like that in real life. It would be very entertaining and kinda reminded me of Giselle from Enchanted and how she was so out of place.

The only thing that I was nervous about going into the theater was if the story was going to suck. Which it didn’t to my surprise or at least it was entertaining enough for me. My rose tinted glasses probably helped the situation. I was just so happy to see Alice on the big screen again (especially the Cheshire Cat because he is my favorite character), so that was enough for me.

Oh! The one thing I definitely could have lived without was the
thudderwack dance. I’m pretending that didn’t happen.

Happy movie watching!

PS. Go watch this, it's too funny:
Tim Burton's Secret Formula

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