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It's All Over - Final Fantasy XIII Review

Final Fantasy XIII was probably the most disappointing game I have played in a long time. Not because it flat out sucked, but because I had really high hopes for it.

So when FFXIII images & footage started leaking a few years back, I remember not really caring about it. That should have told me something right there. The art just wasn’t that appealing to me. It looked a bit generic and I really had to see a lot of it to start caring. Even the footage Square Enix showed at E3 last year wasn’t enough to really get me excited. Only a few weeks before the title shipped was when it started sinking in, “Hurray Final Fantasy is coming out.”

I went to the midnight launch, got my game, played a few hours and realized, “Wow, this makes me sad, but I’ll still finish it.”

So here are my thoughts about the game:


- From a technical art standpoint, this game was brilliant. It looked really good on the PS3.

- The concept design for the main cast, eidolons, and fal’Cie were great.

- The music was wonderfully original and memorable.

-The skin textures/shaders were just gorgeous for the main characters. If the person was really fair (like Vanille) you could see the veins under her translucent skin. They even put some freckles and light age spots on them. I really love little details like that, but I wish the developers would have pushed it a bit more because they still seemed a bit too perfect.

- I really liked Fang and Vanille’s Pulsian (Australian) accents. I get a kick out of small things like that.

- The UI design was alright. I loved how streamlined it was and how the characters animated when you were on their stat page. The interface was not consistent though. Some menus, like the bestiary section, were a bit chaotic.

- The environments were both technically and conceptually amazing. It made me want to go outside and adventure on my own!


- There was not enough character development and I did not really care or relate to the main cast.

- The writing and voice acting was atrocious. Especially anything coming out of Snow’s mouth.

-The storyline was terribly convoluted.

- For the most part, the creature and architecture design was generic and uninspiring. I was really hoping for more.

- Some of the secondary characters were just downright ugly, and not in a good “we meant to do this” type of way. I would have loved to see some more gritty and diverse characters because of how realistic the art direction was.

- Some of the girl’s proportions really bugged me in this game. Serah and Vanille specifically were both 5’5” but had the legs of a 7’ tall supermodel. They were disgustingly skinny as well. The same thing goes for Lightning. If she was a soldier, I would think she would have been a bit more toned. Again, I know Nomura is known for drawing thin girls, but this was gross.

-The 25 hour tutorial was enough to bore me to tears and the battle system, even after you were done with all that, was still tedious. It seemed really slow and chaotic.

-Finally, the Pope was a lame enemy!

So yup, Final Fantasy XIII probably goes on the bottom of the FF list for me. Let me know your thoughts. Maybe you liked it better than me?

Cheers and happy gaming,

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