Monday, June 22

Boy and Girl

Painted in Photoshop with pencil and watercolor brushes. 

Trying something different is always fun. This new technique took a bit of getting use to though, but it's rather convincing for digital pencil and watercolor. I'll have to do more!

Friday, June 5

My E3 2009

To start off, I have to show this video from E3. It is too funny and basically gives you an idea of the coolness that happened over there this year in LA. Check it out: Jimmy Fallon E3 Coverage.

So yeah. I saw a lot of great new games, played some nice demos, and got to meet awesome people. One highlight was that I got to say hi to Shigeru Miyamoto. But I total froze up and just smiled and waved. I know he can’t speak English very well at all, so I did not want to confuse him with all my respectful ramblings. He bowed to me and continued on as I totally pick my jaw up off the floor. I unfortunately didn’t even have my camera on me so I could not ask him for a picture. Oh well.

Until next year, here are some photos that I took from the show.

L.A. Streets Prior to E3 Opening

Playstation and Capcom Booth Construction

Steve Wiebe: Donkey Kong Champion | Square-Enix Booth | Batmobile

Balthier and Fran | Cloud and Gabranth | Shiva Summons


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